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I need ideas for a cheap drum booth or vocal booth for a band Answered

I have absolutely no money and i want to build a vocal booth or a drum booth for recoding tracks. What can i do?


this siddiq , India,
i have a very cheaper and working method :

1)use the software flexi music orchestra - a very user friendly software to play wav. files etc. on the keyboard
2)download yamaha / ronald / alesis drum samples over the net or from torrents ...they are very quality one and ull have no complaint
3)load all these sample to the key u want for EACH drum/cymbal ...which is pretty lengthy and save it ..
4)then comes the hardware ...use and old PC keyboard -ic ...or if u get confused with the ic pins j...just keep it attached to the plastic sheets which are below the keys ...and the pass out a pin ter . rhe conductor holes ..which is again a time taking job ..but cheap and working
5)now on other ends of the wire ..anttach a piezo...which is the cheapest drum trigger ..of if u r keyboard does not get enouhgh gain on tapping ...the attach 2 /3 in series and keep one above another ,,....and place it beneath the mouse pad (to experiment ) ..the strike u r mouse pad to play ....

was it helpfull ?????/////////////////////////
don't forget to tell me how was it .....

For no money, you're not building anything without extensive hunting through trash and recycling. Best bet is just basic isolation, such as the garage vs. the house.

Separate them by putting them in the bathroom as the old studios did, or just another room....or if you have access to the carpeted office room dividers used in large offices....

Search for "recording studio" or "soundproofing" on Instructables. You can read through and get some ideas on what you can make. Good luck.