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I need ideas on designs for a purple shirt a white shirt and a black shirt. iCan anyone help? Answered


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mole1 (author)2011-02-16

Can you give more information? Why those colors?
Are the shirts to be worn and if so, by whom? a man, woman, boy, girl, dog, school team, dance production, Barbie doll....?
Where are they to be worn? ... Alaska? Hawaii? school? vacation? job?
Are you asking for garment designs or fabric designs?

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Space Monk3y (author)mole12011-02-19

my fav colors, worn by me, at school,
and all I want is the stencil design for the design, can you help

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mole1 (author)Space Monk3y2011-02-20

Great! That's a good start. You're asking for cool stencil designs to put on school shirts, right? You're a teen guy who loves soccer. (Are there soccer play diagrams or other soccer symbols that you would like to wear? )

For more input, you need to give people a little more information....
Is there anything else you're crazy about?
What kinds of things make you happy?
What is the overall effect you want? (loud , subtle, screaming.....)
What are your shirts made of... and are they knits (like T-shirt fabric) or woven (like sheets)?
Do you have any experience stenciling? (This will help people give you the level of information you want or need)

Answer these and you should get some useful responses.

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orksecurity (author)mole12011-02-16

+1. This is unanswerable as posed; we need the rest of the question.

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