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I need ideas so I was wondering if you, the community of instructables could help me with a new instructable idea, WHAT? Answered

Alright so I mainly focus around hacks and recovering from hacks is there anybody out there who has an idea on what I could make a new instructable for? Try not to make it too too hard like, how to hack NASA or something please. That has 2 things wrong with it, 1. ILLEGAL, 2. HARD! I could make some on files that can trick your victim into thinking he has to reinstall windows and stuff like that, it would be nice for some ideas that I know would get some views from the community. BEST ANSWER GETS A FREE MESSAGE ON HOW TO _____ YOU GET TO CHOOSE, of course I need to know how so I might reply cant in which case you can send me a different message!



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Why not try your hand at something constructive rather than destructive. I think that maybe things like tricking people into reinstalling their OS is something best left to the darker corners of the net.

If you're looking for something that will generate some views then Kiteman has the right idea, users on this site tend to gravitate towards "things". Try putting your programming skills to use interfacing with some sort of physical system, or try your hand at a microcontroller like the Arduino or PIC. The Raspberry Pi is something you could probably pick-up pretty easily.

I know I know, but you would be surprised, how much easier hacking is!!!

But is easy what you're looking for? Things that are easy are not typically things that need Instructables, unless they are relatively unknown. Not that you can't post them, but if people already know how to do something or if there is already several guides covering something then another Instructable probably won't garner many views.

Personally I gave up forcing projects just for the sake of making an Instructable. Quality vs quantity sort of. Now pretty much all my projects are things that I want to do, then I decide if their worthy of an Instructable during or after I work on it. I've found this leads to much better response from the community. That's just my experience and thoughts though, everyone views and uses this site in different ways, that's part of why we love it.

I never meant it that way it is easy for ME but of course not for a lot of people, also, since hacking isn't what people do often it is kind of hard and seemingly challenging for them so I think I may be doing a favor to the community like this, now another thing I LIKE hacking so the projects I do are projects I want to do!

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Well it sounds like you've found a good starting point for your next project! :)
If you're still stumped, think about things people ask you for help with (except Arduino ;D), or just things you help people with. Chances are if one person need help, other people have the same issue.

Also check my instructables my second one is his to fix it when your password is changed!!!

If you could hack a universal interface that can take an old laptop screen and give it a VGA input then there are millions of Instructable users that will beat a path to your door.

I would suggest starting with Arduino or some open source software like linux. If you like scripting you can statr with this program mit made called scratch there is a link below to download it http://scratch.mit.edu/scratch_1.4/

How about making a physical *thing*, rather than a digital manipulation?