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I need info on how to replace a passenger mirror for 2004 mazda 6? Answered



If it's only the glass, get a replacement piece at a parts shop and glue it to the cracked mirror with seal-all and off you go. If the whole mirror was torn off, then off you go the local bone yard for a replacement. Color is unimportant. Spray paint is cheap. Mega-ditto agreement with lemonie. Get a Haynes, avoid future pains.

. If it is a remote adjust mirror, you will probably need to remove the door panels and you don't want to do that without a manual (and you may need a special tool or two). If you can't find what you need online for free, most auto parts stores carry the Haynes manuals L mentions or an equivalent.

If you're not confident enough to "just have a go"
Haynes Manual