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I need new shoes! Answered

I've been wearing the same pair of shoes every day since early July 2008, and after gluing the soles back on twice, they're finally starting to wear out. I want another pair just like them, but they went out of production a couple weeks before I got them on clearance. They're Skechers 60562 Ridge Meridians, pictured below.

I'm having a devil of a time finding replacements. I want a natural rubber sole that isn't a mud collector, full-grain leather uppers (in as few pieces as possible), preferably low tops (I like ankle movement), fairly wide for my clown feet, and very flexible. Basically this creates a shoe that is comfortable and workable to walk in (I walk a lot) but still tough enough to hold up to sharp and/or flaming things being dropped on them in the shop or in the field. Suggestions for durable replacements? Perhaps Red Wings or Wolverines? How durable are Hush Puppies?


only since 2008 ? You've been hard on your shoes LOL

I have these shoes I am selling on ebay in black size 9 if you are interested. They are in great condition!

My son loves Hush Puppies, but we had a problem and it HAS put him off, I must admit. After about 18mth's. someone said ,"what's wrong with your shoes?" Underneath in the middle of the sole the material was disintigrating. We were told that some kind of Acid or chemical was eating the soles away. Bit of a mystery, heh?

I can't really recommend anything that would fit your needs (I wear Adio skate shoes, they only really meet the "Fairly wide" and "very flexible" parts of what you want, but I've been wearing them since 2009 and they are still in decent shape), but I'm sure if you poke around Sketcher's website they might have a model extremely similar to the one you used to have. Most likely the company replaced that model with a very similar one.

Anyways happy hunting.

That's the answer I got from Customer Service two years ago :P. Unfortunately they don't really have a real replacement. Every shoe listed on the website is either a patchwork of a gazillion pieces of leather (stitching wears out, can't be waterproofed) or has demented cleat-like soles. Plus, trying on similar Skechers in stores, none of them have the width that makes these so comfortable. Apparently Skechers is a bust. :(

The only shoes I can see that would give you the width you want are skates but they don't meet most of your other criteria anyways. I think wide shoes are becoming sort of a rarity these days.

I love my Adidas Samba Classics. Rubber soles(no foam), synthetic leather upper with leather toes.

I don't wear low tops, but have had really good luck with Doc Martins. It's time for me to get a new pair, which will be my fourth... my previous three pairs all lasted me about 4 years each, and I still wear them to do chores and such. They will take a few weeks to break in, but are very comfortable once they do.