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I need some serious help identifying this tool. Answered

Can anybody identify this? It looks to me like an angle grinder but i cant find one ounce of info on it. Thanks in advance.



It definately is an angle grinder, we used an almost idetical one with a longer axle to cut two slots through bricks (for cables and such).
Made a clean slot instead of using a chisel trying to get both sides straight.
We liked them because the handle bar made it easy to use with both hands.
But if you ask about the "disk" that is in your pics I would not have a clue - can you take it apart?
Is something inside, is it magnetic?

Looks like its a Bosch 1340 cut off saw, minus all the guard details.

hmm... do you think you could find me a close picture because most of what i saw didnt look too close. And would that saw have been able to detach from the frame like that?

I found it from the Bosch number, there aren't any pictures of the whole unit, but plenty of it disassembled, so you can get parts.

I don’t really see anything that looks like it under 1340. But i do under 1333 but the model number brigs up only 1340 for some reason which is an angle grinder.

Perhaps it's some type of angle grinder, what's that disc that attaches to it, a diamond sharpening plate thing?

it appears to be just two plates that would hold something together with that bolt.

Heres some more pictures and i even threw in one of it next to my angle grinder.


sorry about that dont know what happened to the photo but this thing (i dont have more of the photos on my phone but when i get home i can upload more if need be)


I think more pictures. You see a lot of tools built on the basic angle grinder chassis - right angle drills, some metal shears etc etc.

I think there's a photo missing