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I need to find a bowl. Answered

I am going to hopefully start a new project. Here is the link to what I want to build (it's the backpack he wears) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-5mGwyhruo. It's pretty much just a bowl with a speaker in the bottom. The bowl can be plastic or stainless steel but not glass. The problem I'm having is finding a bowl with a large flat bottom like the one in the video. Almost every bowl I look up has a small flat bottom which can't house a large speaker (like the one in the video) correctly. I've looked up some bowls on Google but I don't think I've typed in the right search criteria to find the correct bowl. If you know of where I can find one that would be awesome. I have drawn some pictures on paint to help you understand what I need.


I think you might do well to also look at plastic buckets and barrels.

The container in the attached picture formerly contained white cheddar cheesy-poofs.  It and the cheesy-poofs were purchased from a retail monger in the former U.S. called "Wallmart", at price of about 6 FUSD at the time of this writing. 

The diameter of the largest part of the barrel is a little small, only 0.2. m.  It's smaller than your back if you're an adult, but you have to admit the bottom half of this barrel is just the right shape.


FUSD? I'm sorry, I know what USD stands for but not FUSD. I am 13 and 6' tall about 2 meters. I need something about 12'' or 13'' in (0.3- 0.35 meters) in diameter. That would work if I were smaller but sadly it won't. Thank you for the help.

An old 5 gallon propane tank, is about the right shape, and size, about 12+1/2 inches in diameter.  The trouble is it's made out of steel, and cutting and grinding steel is more difficult than cutting plastic.  Also you want to make very, very, sure that there is not a trace of propane in it, or else you'll end up with a ghastly, catastrophic explosion while trying to cut your way into it.

A picture of such a propane tank is attached, along with a wok, a plastic five-gallon bucket, and the floor of my garage.

FUSD, USD, it's the same thing: Former U.S. Dollars.


Well, again I looked at this. For example the propane tank. Imagine carrying something that large on your back. It's also steel, and I'm putting a 10 inch speaker in it. It would weigh 25 lbs or more. I don't know if I want to put that much weight on my back. The wok would work but I would have to extend it to fit the speaker in. Any suggestions on how to make that longer?

It'd be nice if you could find the thing you're looking for in one piece, I mean instead of trying to make the wok larger somehow... I dunno. I think the artifact you are looking for is out there, and if you are patient, this artifact will find you. I think it will be in the snack food aisle, but truly it could be anywhere.  You'll know it when you see it. 

Anyway, that's all I've got for you.  Good luck, and happy building! And remember to wear your safety glasses.

Actually, I just had an idea. What about aplastic laundry basket?

Think "Pan", not bowl, and look in cook-shops.


well thats what I thought about but it's not deep enough.

Well, I can get aluminium cook pots nearly three feet wide and three feet deep around here. Try trade, not domestic.

in mauritius when there are religious celebration, when we cook food for everyone for example dholl. we use a big aluminium pot for it. with a diameter of 3 metres it take 17hours to cook it. using about 5 dried trees as fuel. this also applies to india.

Interesting. How are the pans made ? Can you post a picture ?


they are made from aluminium sheets. i will send it when i will be going to the temple. usually they disassemble it to store it. the base is detachable. then the upper part is then folded into a sheet. try googling iskcon food festival

can you tell me where I can find one of these, or something of the like.

Check out catering companies for a large mixing bowl. HERE's what's around on Amazon, but specialist cookshops supplying the catering trade will probably do the large size you're looking for.

I'm sorry but none of those work. It's a very hard object to find. A bowl or cooking pot won't work anymore. I'm probably going to do another shape because I can't get this type of bowl, wok, cooking pan, or whatever else the thing could be. Thank you for your help.