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I need to know how to join glass shards (ala beer bottles) to make a glass sheet for a pool table light? Answered

I want to make my own bar light out of liquor / beer bottles, but i am unsure of how best to join them together. I was thiking epoxy, but that is a ton of epoxy


If you go down to your local hardware store, ask about glass epoxies, glues & resins, they sell stuff perfect for this, and is strong enough for most impacts. The packaging should come with instructions depending on what it is. Tell me how it turns out, and don't forget to add pictures! XD

Hi! Just wondering, do you have the tools and materials to copper-foil and solder this project or is this a new frontier for you?


9 years ago

"shards" sound big, and dangerous. smash them up into granules and then either embed in casting resin/epoxy or heat them up and fuse them together.


9 years ago

Solder them together like stained glass. MATERIALS: Self-adhesive copper foil Stained glass lead solder flux TOOLS A 50-70W soldering iron INSTRUCTIONS 1. line each piece of glass with copper foil 2. lay out the pieces as panels, with as little gap between the pieces as possible. 3. Tack together each piece with a small amount of lead solder. 4. finish the job by laying a bead of solder along all the joints, on each side of the glass. For more info, look up instructions on how to do stained glass.

Some glassworkers do glass fuzing. You lay the broken pieces next to each other and heat them until they melt together, creating a beautiful melty effect.

Step 1: Make form in shape of glass pane you need Step 2: Pour layer of bar top epoxy Step 3: Dump in glass shards Step 4: Pour another layer of bar top epoxy Step 5: Pop out of form Step 6: Use angle grinder with sanding disc to round the edges Step 7: Put into frame around lighting fixture

Forgot to mention, allow epoxy to cure after step 2 (prior to step 3) and after step 4 before removing from form.

How about using a jug of plain white glue? It's cheap, flexible, translucent when dry, and very strong. You could use aluminum foil to create the mold and spray sealant to waterproof the dried glue. If you would prefer a more substantial-looking grout, another option is bismuth. It's a bit more expensive than lead (Ebay's Buy it Now: $33/lb, including shipping), but non-toxic and you can melt it on the stove. It also forms attractive crystals and oxidizes to iridescent colors.

The leading stuff is really good for this job- simpler would be the silicone pieces to a plexiglass form in the shape you want, with thin gaps. Then fill the gaps with a form of grout - check craft stores for the exact brands and colours available. Less work with high temperature stuff :) I wish I remembered the name of that style.

Most professional glass work of this type uses lead "came" (image), which you solder together. Otherwise start with a plain sheet of glass and apply your own to it. I've seen plenty of glass like this which appears to have the joins filled-in with some kind of putty or grout. L