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I need to know how to upload a video from a sd card!!!! Answered

I know how to upload pictures but how about videos? Thank-you in advance for reading this!


upload it to you tube then copy the emblembed code


8 years ago

upload the video as if it were an image. I think uploading it to YouTube would be a better way though: log in, click 'upload' and then when done add a link/embed code to your 'ible or comment!

1. take file off SD card and put on computer desktop
2. upload file through whatever process ibles uses for videos
that easy.

This is very easy. Simply insered the card into a computer and a page will pop up. Find the video file and open up your computer's memory. Drag the video file into your computer memory somewhere where you can find it. After that you can upload it the way it is or install a format editor and change it to a .mov or other file type. The one I use is TMPGEnc 4.0 Xpress and I'm not sure if it is free or not but it works very good. If you get that and need help figuring out how to do it pm me I will be glad to help.


8 years ago

Just plug it in, either through the camcorder or through an SD card reader. It will show up as a removable drive. When you open the drive, tehre will probably be a few folders inside. They will have different names depending on the manufacturer of the camcorder, but just root through the folders until you find the one that contains all of the video files. They will all be several megabytes each, or more. Copy the files into a folder on your computer. To avoid corrupting the memory on the SD card, don't delete any files on the camcorder using your computer. Instead, delete them on the camcorder (after copying them , obviously).

depends on what you have to read it if you have a sd port, put it in the port then go to my computer... if you have a camera that plugs into the computer, its like the same thing if you have a card reader plug that in and same thing if the cards to small buy a bigger one (or and adapter) but ~~bigger is better~~

It should be just like a usb, depending upon how you're connecting it to your computer but it should be no different to uploading any other file from your sd card.

Okay. Awesome fast reply. If I don't get anymore in the next few days, I'll give it to you!