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I need to make a fake or dummy 40mm (S10) gas mask filter? Answered

So am trying to do cosplay and the character wears a s10 gas mask, the filter i received with it i was told not to use it after researching it because it can either be faulty or filled with apostates , none the less I need to make a copy of one, now I can either spend 35 dollars for some one to 3d print one (i impart feel that it wouldn't look best with how you can see all the lines from the print) or I was wounding if maybe i could make my own, now the one that came with it was some type of metal, so I thought maybe I could get sheet of metal and either cut it in a certain way or even bend it  to make it into the right shape, or I could make one out of wood and just get 3 planks and cut them into the right shape and glue em together or screw and paint it black, or lastly the newer models seem kinda plastic like or rubber like, so maybe get like a square of rubber from like a tire and cut it out, but the main problem is how do i make a 40mm size male screw so the filter can attach to the mask, and yes the filter does need to be hollow so air can pass through but i don't need a filter inside it 


or the top of a soda bottle you can spray paint it dark green and use a silver marker to add age

You could make this from a metal can with a screw top lid.

what? i need to get a hollow 40mm threaded screw so i can screw a home made filter onto the mask

I'd make my home made filter out of a metal scan, with a screw lid I can mount in the mask - but as others have said, the filter is safe

Is it green or black? Green ones are safe. The older black ones (C2) had hexavalent chromium them. They never had asbestos.
You want a C2A1 filter. That one in the picture looks like a C2A1.

If it's just for show open it and empty out the contents just leave an empty case.

I don't want to get asbestos every where and i don't know how to clean it up and dispose of it properly plus i was told not to open it

if this came off a modern commercial dust/gas mask it will not have asbesdos in it. Filters and activated charcoal perhaps.

yeah i asked my dad this question last night he comes down asking to see what it was i wanted to make a copy of, am mucking about with other stuff than i hear "your not gonna use this right" no becasue it might be dangourse and i turn around to see him already cutting the top off with a can opener XD


9 months ago

Looks open to me, just saying...