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How can I make a strong uv light that I can use for A/C leak detection? Also need a source for some goggles to intensify Answered



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I found a cheap light and goggles at O'reilly's. I guess the next leak I have to search for I'll give them a try. Thanks, Paul.

Sorry not to be more specific. Some car manufacturers place tracer dye in their A/C systems when the vehicle is built. There is also a after-market version for auto shops and DYRer's. The detection lights are above my budget so I wanted to make a homemade version. I wanted something to use that I might get by without buying the goggles to help intensify if possible. Thanks, Paul.

If you go to sparkfun you can buy UV LEDs: http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8662 Get a bunch of these, a couple resistors and a power source and you could mount it all into a cheap dollar store flashlight casing to make an AC sniffer. You could also probably find higher wattage LEDs from any electronics supllier or on eBay.

Is there not a better way of detecting A/C-leaks? Like a chemical-sniffer?
What's the liquid?


I think the stuff in cars has a tracer in the lubricant that's in with the gas - its easier to find the traces by UV than a sniffer. Our sniffer is so appallingly sensitive, if you've had a leaky fitting in the building a week ago, you get wild readings.


It does depend upon what the liquid/gas is though, and we don't know (yet).


Like daylight visible ?