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I need to make money for science camp. I want to sell creative things at a garage sale. Answered

i basically need to make $$$ for science camp.
a girl  in my class says she is going to have a garage sale, and that i can sell my stuff there.
sadly, i dont have much stuff to sell
so, i was thinking i could make some creative, high value things to sell
any suggestions?


I'll agree about the food thing. Sell sodas and cookies, they don't have to be homemade.
Also, ask your family members if they'll donate things like old books or movies or clothing to sell. Just make sure it's all clean before the garage sale.
Maybe a "help me go to science camp" jar, for donations?

Also, find something you're good at (babysitting, lawn mowing, etc) and make up flyers advertising what you can do, and what you'll be doing with the money. Ask your Science teacher to put some in the teachers' lounge at school, put them up at church or at a club you attend, somewhere where you know people and they know you. (call nearby relatives and work out housesitting jobs with them)


8 years ago

Remember:  people visiting garage sales are cheap!  They are allergic to spending large amounts of money!  Don't expect to sell big-dollar anything to them.

Lots of smaller items is definitely the way to go.  I suggest selling baked goods, like tarts and brownies and fresh coffee.  After a hard morning of garage sale shopping, they are likely to be hungry.  And if you've got the solution to that problem they will pay you rather than wasting time stopping by a coffee shop.

Well, you could make Thneeds, but Truffula trees are getting harder to come by these days,