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I need to repair my laptop power chord. do I need to keep the thick thing in the cord? Answered

There is a thick part on the power cord close to the jack. I dont have enough wire left to put a new jack on. Can I cut out the thick part?


The thick thing is a ferrite core. Basically, it's there to prevent electronic "littering." It helps keep your PC from putting out radio interference that would violate FCC rules (and generally be annoying) -- without it, the power cord may act as a broadcast antenna. It isn't necessary for operation, but it would be socially responsible to retain it if possible. Depending on the type, it may be clipped on the cable, slid over it before the connectors were soldered on, shrink-wrapped onto the power cord, or molded into the cord's insulation, If you have to cut it off anyway, it's worth taking a moment to dissect it and figure out which variety you have, and then figure out whether you can put it back in place farther up the cable. It doesn't have to be electrically connected; it just wraps around... so this may be as simple as using a wire tie to hold it together and another one or two to keep it from sliding up or down the wire. (For best effect, it should be as close to the PC as possible.)

Thanks Orksecurity, this really helps me. Now I know what to look for and how to fix the problem.

The thick thing may just be clipped on - see if you can unclip it? L

If you have to remove it in order to repair the cable, you can purchase a new one at most electronics, and dedicated Bigbox computer stores like MicroCenter. One thing some people don't realize is that it not only helps to resolve noise coming *into your computer, but it also helps to reduce emissions to the outside world.

i think what your referring to may be a ferrite chokeand it is used to "choke" the rf noise it's not critical. You may even be able to slide it back down the cord. If you post a pic I can be sure.