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I need under washer and dryer drawers. How can I build them? Answered

I have a front loading washer and dryer which I would like to have storage drawers underneath. Is there an instructable for that?


vince 09

Best Answer 8 years ago

you could make a box frame out of 2x4's or something sturdy the size of the washer/ dryer and cover 3 sides (OSB would work) leaving the front open and than make a drawer to fit into it and put the washer/dryer on top you catch my drift?

Thanks for the idea. I will suggest it to my husband.

Did you try typing "washer dryer drawers" into the SEARCH box?  If you did, you should have gotten all these results.  The third one shows you how to make pedestals, and you can easily put drawers into those.  When you do it, take pictures and write your own Instructable!

I did see those pedestals. Drawers would be easy to put under them.

I own the ones that come with the front loader Maytags BUT I couldn't help but notice how easy they would have been to make cheaply by modifying an old 3-drawer wide dresser. If you found an old wooden dresser, you could bring down the height by removing the top (setting it aside) and cutting across the top (and maybe second row) row of drawers, put the top back on and that's it. Just a thought.

I like this idea too. We have several used furniture stores in town and I may go look for a dresser which would fit the washer/dryer size.

You've all got it wrong.  Drawers go into the washer not under the washer.