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I need video game ideas! Answered

I am currently starting to design an Xbox 360 game using Microsoft XNA Game Studio (a library for rmaking X360, Zune and PC games in the C# language), but I am stumped at thinking of ideas. I have thought of many that seem good at the time, but while starting to plan, program, or make graphics for them, i realize it wasn't that good of an idea and give up on them. If it is good enough, it will be sold on the Xbox LIVE marketplace (under Community Games) and can win a contest. If you do help me and give a suggestion, please know this will be a 2D game (i can do all the work for a small game, but I can't do 3d modelling). Also, I can use an advanced physics engine and there aren't really any limits to ideas I could use. If you do give me an idea, I can even give you credit in the game. Also, it should be something original and innovative, think outside the box! Thanks in advance if you do help me out, this is probably the hardest part of game making!


This thread has had a longer lifespan than the average pet goldfish, do we know if this video game ever happened? I see development switched from XBox to mobile devices, but that's it.

Sorry my Email is firecreeper12345@gmail.com

I have a video suggestion Does STICKMAN War world #3 sound good?

I have an idea for a music based game.


I see it's a few people up here and, I'm sure they have great ideas but, I'm certain none of them are as original as mine. If it is in fact a new game idea you desire you must seek out those who see things from a different perspective. I my friend, can definitely help you in fact we can help each other my email is betterourselves720@gmail.com. If nothing else you owe it to yourself to find out this jewel of a game we can create together. Thanks in advance.

If you email me I'll tell you all about my game idea of supergods it's supposed to be a 3D game but it could work as 2d as well but we will need to form a team for communication if we want to get this right my email is andrewvincente311@gmail.com I look forward to making this game idea happen i haven't thought of a name yet so for now I'm just going with "Supergods: Unchained" to describe it.

my name is torrey and my gmail in trowe0420@gmail.com and I have a game idea called survive which is like a first person shooter and has split screen and co op but basically it is a zombie game where you wake up and your the only one left kinda like I am legend but you have to find guns but not like last of us where you have no bullets but you can buy more ammo and food and you have to survive different attacks in states in the us until you make it to the safe zone or build your own fort like walking dead until you build up enough recruits from multiplayer to make it to safe zone.your friends and you find wood and build and reinforce houses you find and players can keep on fixing up the houses while you are offline but the recruits you add on multiplayer are limited to maybe 20 a group and other games modes maybe more.you can patrol on foot or in armored cars you found parts to fix the cars with and fight from alabama to new york and its never ending from zombie survival battles to fixing your houses and cars on conquest to making it to safe zones .its alot more to it but it can be kinda like a battlefield with split screen and zombies and walking dead and be a open world game.

I have a completed plot outline, characters, levels and settings for a futuristic sci-fi Action/Adventure/RPG game. I have a paid illustrator working on the characters now, and editors polishing the all the text.

If this seems interesting to you, let me know and we could discuss. I could share the project document with you.


I would love to here more about this idea

I have an idea for a some what educational video game for natural selection. What if you made a game through the eyes of a predator, where it was your job to catch your prey. The prey that you catch get removed from the gene pool and the prey that you do not catch go on to have children with slight mutations. This could continue for many generations and eventually the prey would be superbly adapted to their environment and it would be much harder for you as the predator to catch them. Then maybe you would have to evolve to catch your prey (It would be cool if you could pick your own evolutionary traits - something like catch 30 prey for improved sight or catch 50 prey for improved speed...). I would play that game.

For some more context, this is the video which inspired this game idea. 8:30 minutes in - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFZxU4sA6qU

+jdwat90 can I use your idea for a school project. I'm making a video game for autistic and disabled kids. I promise to give you all the credit email me back if its a yes.

i cn help i have autism and adhd

Yeah no problem. No need for crediting me, I'd be content with just getting to play the game when your done.

Thanks Still Crediting Tho!!!!:):):):):)

I have a great idea, zombie survival. You first start out designing a hideout, limited supplies, then as you progress you get upgrades for your crew and your hideout. I would love to design a tree house zombie hideaway, or inside second story buildings. Where you could move around and collocation supplies and decide to move hideouts. Maybe made from Rockstar, or another company know for huge maps to explore, farcry assinans creed gta would do you guys think?

Hello . Road Rush game on PS1 motorcycle amazing ride that seems forgotten. If renovated it will shine, especially in multiplayer. Really great is that it clashes with her on a motorcycle. ...

I apologize if part of the text was difficult because I use Google translate. My idea about a new style of game. To close I am to see you one example. Since the launch of the first Call of duty shooter genre is thriving, but what was Call of duty differently. In all of the titles you of someone you know everything depended on you and destroy you if you were not born, but in Call of duty you are part of a larger process that you are part of you, and the backing had strong historical. Call of duty was to convey a strong sense of global war. But my idea is not in the style shooter in the style that it did not know anyone and practically nothing new to say. No games have failed to convey the sense of a great battle and a real sword. But how tens of thousands of troops placed in a third-person game. The solution has already been partially used. In one of the games lord of the rings in the first round you can not fight in a limited way and in the background is running an animation of a great war. The hard part is played by the integration of background animations so that the gamer does not understand. To that effect us the story of real humanity we have 4,000 years of history. The game will now feel very well if he plays a role in the actual stream. This game could be the start of a new genre of games is and always welcome people new things. If playing with new and different gameplay combined. To realize the sense that I can speak from first person mode to see Rome Total war II. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. (Gondolf14@gmail.com)

How about a Hamster Race Game like this http://www.onionringsstudios.com/hamster-race-game/


what about a horseback riding game with 3 modes western,dressage, and jump


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How bout a fighting game, which right now are not very popular because most are about the same but back in the 90's was a hit. I would make one where instead of just focusing on the fighting but focus on the areas itself, like expanding them and make them apart of the fighting. barr54321@gmail.com


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If you want a simple yet fun game with physics maybe try the fun swinging mechanics of the game Floating Point and combine that with the goal-oriented accessibility of Tiny Wings/ Race The Sun. Basically it would be a game where the player would swing around and use momentum and circular acceleration to try to traverse the game before the timer ran out, as well as dotting the landscape with power ups and items of the like.

Have you made any games before? If you are trying to learn game development, don' try to be very original. It's better to make genre games at first.

a philosophical game about traveling deep within the mind of a person with amnesia who's trying to remember who they are. On different levels, you experience their desires, fears, and memories. Minimal dialogue and possibly some odd NPCs who represent either feelings or people in their past life, you could be able to befriend them. Horror elements could be a maybe (depending on what you want). Enemies could be minor fears such as a snake (fear of snakes), a blob of darkness (fear of the dark or the unknown), or floating eyes (fear of being watched). Bosses could be major faults or problems in the players life (social anxiety, poor communication, family issues, depression, substance abuse, etc.) To win the game, you must beat the bosses and the darkness and monstrosities will disappear, revealing a world of inner peace. After this, the player can choose to "WAKE UP". there could be a short message explaining that this action can't be undone and you'll never see this world again. If the player chooses yes, the player wakes up in a hospital to find his/ her family gathered around them. Then, the game ends. If the player chooses no, it could cut to a black screen saying "[player] chose to stay in the fantasy world of their mind, but as we all know, this kind of peace won't last forever" The credits roll and thats the end of the game.

WOW! I love this idea!

If you don't mind i'll try and make this game. email for response: not personal vannerghost@gmail.com

Awesome idea. I would give it a try. We can wrote the storyboard and then develop a demo. Contact me: gack94@gmail.com

putting your email on a public forum isn't the best idea send a personal message with your email

Hello , i have great ideas for games but i dont want people to steal them so can we get into contact my email is JRN0716@gmail.com / and my skype is Jake Da Garden Snake thanks for viewing and i hope we can work together for a game :)

I understand but these are my public emails and skype (ones i do not have intentions on reviving if they get hacked or stolen

Holy crap are you actually Jake the Garden Snake or just a fan?? Cause if it's you Jake I'm a huge fan and I'm honored to meet you :D

Haha Sadly im not but i do love jake and all the other motovloggz :) do you have a steam or skype? :)

A game that has you role playing for the good over evil. you get immersed in all the drama and it calls upon your integrity to solve the game. It gets to the young and actually gets them to think without even being aware of it.

This is a game where the superhero is a vegan. The idea of the game is to promote animal welfare to a young and teenage audience, one where the minds are open to ideas. It would be full of the usual adventure and thrills. Instead of the usual kill kill kill it would be animals being let free from laboratories and slaughterhouses and the drama unfolding as what goes with this. Solutions being sought to stop using animals being used as objects and not living creatures. Questions being asked about animals suffering for nothing more than making money when there are other and more effective methods. Thus children are playing but taking in the message as their own. Of course there would be a Superhero Vega Man or another name that would sum him up. Fighting for the good and outdoing the bad. It is different and would appeal to girls as well as boys. Plus have an educational theme that would promote thinking in young people as what we are doing to their world and the way it is being ruined for them. Giving them the ability to decide what kind of world they want to inherit and have a chance to make it happen. Before it is to late and they have no choices.

So, if you're still accepting ideas, here's one:

FPS? Arena deathmatch? Many people like this, if you add any sort of competitive mode to it, people will love it. Take quake for example, unreal tournament. The classic LAN fun. Some games people would kill to have an active community to play still. Now combine it with a popular game right now, DotA2, LoL, CS:GO. Competitive play is what people like. Next big game? IDK :)

How involved in game design are you?
I am looking for a designer to discuss preliminary steps and several possible
ideas for some very involved PC games. I have a significant amount of time to invest, am technology oriented(I don't write code or scripts, but I understand the foundations games are built upon). If you are interested in talking, email or message me.

Champions league.

1) "Yankee-Doodle" - a 2D co-op platformer-shooter, parodying such hits as Duke Nukem, Mario, Sonic, Contra, etc. Well, not enough...

2) "Rotting" - a story of a man who has started to rot for some reasons. Here, U must do everything to stay uncovered, or U loose.

3) "Quantengentum" - a TPS/beat-'em-up cyberpunk about a woman who worked as a builder and sacrificed herself to save a friend. Fortunately or unfortunately, she was resurrected as a cyborg. The only thing she wants to do is to punish military company, responsible for her resurrection and cybertization.

4) "Lazybones" - a story of a boy/a girl who is so lasy that he/she imagines every activity as a challenge (a race, a fight, a puzzle, etc.).

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I have two video games ideas, I would like to discuss with you. It is detailed I send it to you by email, contact me on ukingsleyekaette@gmail.com

I have an idea for one its a real survival game you are in a environment of your choice and you must find ways to get food, water, shelter and everything for survival then you can get whatever you want like to make a little farm, fishing pond, you can make a watchtower or any other building, and to make it even more interesting it can be like a post apocalyptic game too where there are mutated creatures like giant scorpions or zombies and for those who like midevil themed games there can be dragons and other mythological beast.

I love the idea and I think I will try to make a game like that.


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How about a game that is crossed between the visual game play of Pokemon but the travel play of Don't Starve. Mixed in heavily with Alchemy games on Play Store Apps. So you have to travel the world and mix elements to build things you can find or make blue prints and learn about different chemicals and other interesting concoctions. Also could have a slight free world roaming of Minecraft. But keep it really as making it go stupid with things that don't actually exist is just boring and pointless as that teaches nothing.......what you think?

You need to do something that hasn't been done before. Portal and its successor did a great job of that. They made a game that not only challenges your mind, but also a gaming style that nobody has ever done before. If you can pull something like that off, then you've got a best seller.

Maybe some sort of time travel game?

Perhaps you would be thrown into battles from history and would have to survive?

Examples: Medival Battles, fighting with samurai, wwII battles?