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I noticed that i have 18 best answers but my profile keeps saying that I only have 1%best answers? Answered

It is really weird I have noticed that other people have had the same problem but i was not sure if I should report this as a bug.



Best Answer 7 years ago

It's a percentage of your best answers vs. the numbers of responses you've posted to answers in general. Since you have 943 answers, and 18 best answers, it's rounding it up to 1%. If you had only posted say 100 answers and had 18 best answers, your best answer % would be 18 instead.

thanks that makes a lot more sense

Dumb system. I'd rather it showed the total, not the %, since that's likely to reach a fixed level

I think I've said before, but the new scheme is a massive DIS-incentive to answer questions - the more you help, the worse your score gets. The guy whose taken my five or six replies to to get the idea should be ignored. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Steve

How do we kick this one "upstairs" ? Its annoying me a lot.

Didn't you know that "Answers" is the ugly stepchild?

Every one of the last few "updates" have changed Answers in a way that to me seems negative.

Who ever makes the decisions on format must not like all the attention that this part of the site gets.

But in the end it's their site and they can screw it up anyway they feel obliged to.  Someday it'll get so boring around here that maybe I and others will find some site more interesting to play on.

Yes, I think you're quite right. They haven't realised just how easy it would be to seriously monetise the "answers" section. And I have.

I think we know who'll join you in the exit lane.....



If you decide to start a monetized answering venture, count me in. Especially if there's a way to keep it from turning into eHow, where you get a lot of people writing how-to articles about subjects they don't know anything about, just for the money.
I saw an article on eHow a while back about setting up a ceramic kiln which was not only inaccurate, it would destroy the kiln if the instructions were followed as wriiten. I submitted a comment to correct the info, which went precisely nowhere.

Here's another crazy corollary that's just occured to me - if I shut up and never answer another question my score goes up !

The official word is that they hadn't thought of the consequences of the system. Reeaaaalllly ?

What about if ther were seperate 'answer' and 'comment' buttons with only the answer button counting on your answer total and the comment button adding to your comments total?

Send a PM to Rachel or Randy. If you can be specific, that's more helpful to them.