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I overclocked my CPU to 2GHz! Sweet! Answered

Wow, I can't believe my Eyes!

I finally managed to overclock my Dell's 1.5Ghz Processor to 2.0GHz!
I am Now running a stress test with the Fans at default speeds, Temperature is leveling at 62 Celsius(or 143 Fahrenheit) Which is Pretty good for a Stock cooler and being a laptop, What i did is Place a tiny pin jumping Pin 14-15, As seen here.
The guy Overclocked his to 1.7 from 1.3, I got Mine to Overclock to 2.0 From 1.5, Which is a pretty good 500MHz Overclock.

Well I am Happy with the Results, I just oiled the fan so putting it in high speed won't cause too much noise.
Here are some screenies ;)



That's not a bad overclock, but 62C is NOT a good temperature for a laptop, if the cooler can't keep up with the cpu, that is not a good thing in a laptop, my thinkpad R51 keeps as cool as 40C as soon as the fan comes on full blast. My sempron has been overclocked from 1.5 to 2.0 for the longest now, not a problem.

62 is about 140 Degrees Fahrenheit, And it Peaks at that temperature, pretty much never reaches it unless if it is sitting on a bed, i think if it reaches 70C it will reach thermal shutdown...

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