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I put 60 white LEDs (from 3 units on 3 AA batteries) on a 5V phone charger. Very bright! But will it last? Answered

Would the life span of the LEDs be shortened too much with this setup?



9 years ago

Sorry for the delay, but here are the fixtures: 3 black ones, parallel soldered on the terminals for the 3 AA batteries. The last one is opened up to show the wiring. The blue fixture is unmodified. Now the question is : would there be resistors hidden in the LEDs or the circuit boards? (because, as I understand, now, white LEDs would not take the 4.5 V of the batteries kindly) When I use Li-MH recharchables (3 x 1.2 V), the light of the blue fixture becomes quite dim. So assuming the fixtures are corrected for 4.5V, would half a volt more really be a problem?


How have you wired them up? What current are the designed to take? And what current do you think is going through them?
ZEROGX says "use this to find out how you should do it". But it's not possible to answer the question without knowing how you have done it.