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I really like the new layout, cards, and stats, who else? Answered


Well, not entirely.

The thing I don't like is I spend most of my time here answering questions. I don't have the time to do instructables. So I have a 3 showing and it looks like I'm not giving back to the site. But yet I have one of the highest number of best answers so I really am giving back to the site. Just not where THEY want the action to be.

Yes you and me both. I don't think my answer % is a fair assesment either.

Agreed. They shouldn't be using a permissive of

<% if user.instructables.count > 0%>
 <%= render partial blah_blah %>
<% end %>

but I'm not at all surprised by the omission. They're not making any money on the ideas surrendered freely by those who don't publish them.

In answering the Q/A's we make it possible and encourage others to publish their projects as instructables.

And there are as many ads on the questions pages as there are on instructables from what I can tell.

Man... I go offline for a couple of weeks and all this cool stuff gets added. Nifty.

I haven't noticed it yet. What am I missing?

... Oh, the blue-hand footer? Or is there something else? (I agree that a single statistic is interesting but not necessarily meaningful.)

Scrolling over the user's icon causes a state card to come up too! (On some people)

Hm. It doesn't for me, and I'm supposedly in the deck.... Another pro feature?

You don't get a popup because you didn't make an instructable I'm afraid... I notice it with everybody that didn't make a instructable. The only way for you to see your card is click on "orksecurity".

Agreed, I like the concept as well :)

I like it because it gives you more of an insite of the publisher without having to visit their page.

This site just keeps getting better and better. Kudos to those at the helm. Whats with the little hands and numbers under the profile avatars?

Instructables count for playing card members?