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I recently poked a hole into my freezer while chipping away at the iceberg inside.? Answered

No chemical smell was detected butI did hear a hissing sound and now it will not get cool or freeze. I do not believe I hit the freon source but rather some type of compressed air source.
Can my unit be saved?


Good day I also poked a hole but it was on the inner wall of tbe door fridge, is there anyway to repair it? Or should i change the whole part??



Sir what is the cost of repairing punture of freezer


3 years ago

Same thing happened to me. It was my worst nightmare, it was a 80 leter fridge, from above comments I think I have to replace it. But I want to know is there any way to use fridge as fridge not as freezer. The hole is in the freezer plate and gas was also flown out. So please tell me any way out or its a game over for me.


Doesn't sound like it to me. There is no compressed air source that I know of. I don't think freon or modern equivalants have a chemical smell. Amonia hasn't been used in comsumer equipment in many years.

Sounds like a visit from the repair guy is in store for you.

In fact, freon was INVENTED to stop deadly ammonia being used in refrigerators apparently.

hissing sound

You broke it - replace it, and don't defrost the next one in that way.



The freon is out, you need a new cooling system.

There's no source of compressed air. Freon is odourless - with maybe a hint of oil.

IME the evaporator coils (the bit you punctured) can't be repaired, they're usually very thin steel, and have to withstand quite a high pressure.


game over.

It's a closed loop, any pressure released WAS the freon (or other more modern refrigerant).

Repairing the hole is possible but not economical given the cost of the unit + having a service person recharge the gas.

You could convert the compressor to an air compressor or vacuum pump, otherwise it's a write off.

**that said, my suggestion was for a smaller bar fridge where the replacement cost is less than the repair cost. If this is a full fridge, it's probably reparable because it will have a more tubular system rather than a single molded/stamped steel cooling exchanger.

***I know the above, because I've done it to a bar fridge myself. I thought I was being very clever getting the inch of ice out with a flat screwdriver and a hammer...until I heard the hiss of death, and it wasn't minecraft.


6 years ago

Whether it can be saved will depend on where the damage is. It is possible to solder the tubes, at least as far as I know, but the hole could be in a place that is not possible to solder, such as inside the insulation. And there is the question of if it is worth he cost of repairing or if you are better off to replace it. You need to talk to a good repair person to find out. And by the way, unplug it and leave it sit. If you run it without any coolant in it you risk burning out the compressor.