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I recently saw an electric 3 wheel motor scooter that looked like a cross between a Roman chariot and a Segway. Help! Answered

I recently saw an electric 3 wheel motor scooter that looked like a cross between a Roman chariot and a Segway. The driver could only stand while riding and moved at about 10 mph. The chassis looked like it came from one of those senior citizen scooters, the tires looked like boys' 15 inch street bicycle wheels. It had a headlight and taillights along with a trailer hitch. 

My question is does anyone have the plans or at the very least pictures of something similar?


I was given a 4 wheel chariot style electric personal transporter stand n ride maybe a Q3 (?) without any paperwork. I want to sell it but I have no idea how to price it. Is Q3 a brand? have no idea the manufacturer, or any specs on this. Any assistance of the best resources would be very helpful. Reverse, lights, two gages, foldable....thank again, Brenda

To be honest your not giving much to go on here.

try this http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2009/apr/07/gm-segway-electric-scooter-unveiled



Sorry, if I'm not giving much info, I only saw the thing for about 30 seconds as it was zipping down the street. The one I saw looked like it was home built.

Here it is, This is the best pic I have unless you need more.


My nephew has one, I bought it for a christmas present last year. If you are in the states and have a cell # I can send you 3 pics I have of it. Im certain this is what you are talking about. Also security at "Target" Stores use a larger version of them.
Oh and all the electronics and motors are the same as on Razor karts and Scooters. Each back wheel has a individual drive system and speed controller wired to a single throttle (Hand Twist Variable Resistor) each motor is a 350watt 24v DC. If you can weld it would be really easy to build by hacking a bicycle and building the Platform portion yourself.
If you dont have a cell that can receive pics or you are not in the states, I will try and find a way to get these pics out of my phone for you.