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I should be able to access my own Instructable PDFs Answered

How can I check that my Instructable looks correct in the PDF if I can not access it? I only need access to my own - so this should be fixed.




1 year ago

A polite request might yield better results than the statement that something 'should' happen. If I were a developer for Instructables, your message would not really motivate me, you know?

I wasn't meaning to be rude - but thanks for poiting it could be construed as such.

Interesting cultural point here...

From my NYC American English, I did not interpret the internet tone of the post the same as you.

Not rude - seeing the post was from a new user uninitiated to the wonky ways of the Robot - what I read was "I should be able to access my own instructable PDFs, WTF?" (I added the "WTF?" in my mind)

What would be rude is "WTF? I should be able to access my own instructable PDFs."

As always, discussions are fun in the forums.

I always thought that, in NYC, anything less than a punch in the teeth was the height of civility...

You would think "Turkish revenge" is a familiar greeting.

PDF files are one of the Premium-only features.

You can go Premium by paying, or by publishing an instructable that is good / cool / original enough to be Featured by one of the staff or Community Team.

Quite a few members "fund" their Premium status simply by publishing regularly.

I have no problems accessing it, so you should be able too.