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I think Florida is ruled by a mad king. Answered

I just heard a story on the news that one of the local school districts will be ending summer vacation two weeks early. When school starts is codified by law and the only way for a school to receive an exemption to open early is to be an "academically high achieving school". Does this make sense to anyone? Schools that are doing good (as defined by a remarkably stupid standardized test) get more time to teach, whereas schools that perform poorly get less time. I can't really understand that reasoning. I've worked in public education, and I'll never understand the reasoning behind anything they do.

and as an aside.
Florida, come to play ball at the beach, stay because you've been imprisoned for playing ball at the beach. ~sigh~

Wanted to add one more thing, The brevard county transit system is names "Space Coast Area Transit" AKA "The SCAT" and their website is ridescat.com. If you have no idea why I'm mentioning this, consider yourself lucky.


I think I found the King........


8 years ago

I understand the point of the school opening times part- presumably "academically high achieving schools" will want to make the best of their high achievers by teaching more material, so the extra term time may be to avoid rushing this. Think about the opposite- my university had 8 week terms and a lot of material on the course, which meant that the teaching time was very dense and had very little slack time. While I loved the long holidays I would really have appreciated an extra week or so just to spread the teaching out a bit.

That florida sounds ridiculous, but is it actually enforced? Everywhere has old crazy laws (archery in the high street, pregnant women and policemen's helmets and so on) but I doubt this one is enforced with much rigour, is it?

"No person or persons shall engage in rough or potentially dangerous activity such as football, baseball, softball, horseshoes, tennis, volleyball, badminton, or any other organized activity involving thrown or otherwise propelled objects such as balls, stones, arrows, javelins, shuttlecocks, Frisbees, model aircraft or roller skates on any public bathing beach or park property except in areas set aside for that purpose."

And I thought the ''British'' Safety Elves were paranoid...

It is amazing. What ever became of England's stiff upper lip? I used to want to move to the UK, but now, the more I read about what it's become with it's ASBO's, anti-photography police policies and the use of RIPA by local councils to spy on people for minor offenses, it fills me with a revulsion, even the idea of a vacation there.

It's not as bad as I sometimes paint it. As long as you can avoid some of the worse examples of local government jobsworths, you're OK.

roller skating on the beach......that I HAVE to see I demand a demonstration LOL

Come here, to the 3rd world!