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I think I inhaled a bit of cement dust... Answered

Although I did my mixing outside (on a semi-rainy day) and held my breath while pouring the cement powder, I think I might have inhaled a tiny bit.
Not a lot, but enough for a bit of coughing afterwards. The coughing is over, but my throat now feels slightly sore, but not bad enough that I want to contact a doctor. Mostly just a bit irritated, that I hope will pass.

But can I eat or drink anything that might help this pass quicker? For lubricating the throat or something. Or will it go away eventually?



Fortunately it didn't last longer than a day or two. Day two wasn't too bad, but only mild irritation. By the end of day two, it was completely gone!

Didn't find anything to soothe the pain or irritation though, only discovered that salty and spicy food wasn't too pleasant to eat.
Something creamy, like banana or milk only soothed a little, while consuming it. Afterwards it was the same as usual.

Thanks for all your replies though!

plenty o water?

Depends on the type of cement you used.
Usually the fine dust alone will cause irritation but that should not last for too long if you only had a small dose.
Ready mixes however often contain added things and in some cases even very caustic things.
Here you can have adverse reactions to it up to the degree where your lung and airway tissue get inflamed or worse.
If in doubt consult a doctor and bring the labels of the cement with you.

Try asking on a construction/building kind of DIY forum.