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I think my head is going to explode....minor UPDATE: tis my birthday Answered

This week is just too much for me...first the laptop,  and now my wife gave me an early (by one day) birthday present.   An LED headlamp.  I mean, it isn't much, but she is starting to tune into that gifts for me should be "useful" (I didn't need last year's  entire collection of Star Trek movies on  VHS, etc).  

 Because it is useful and thought was taken into account to get it, it is one more precious thing happening this week.....

And since it is,  I got to go out to a very small, but quite quaint, Italian style Café.  The food is always wonderful, and so I enjoyed a nice Almond crusted Trout meal.   Kind of tops off the week so far :-) 


I'm miserably late and terribly sorry I missed this. Therefore; happy birthday!

I sent you an invisi-cake in the mail, it should get to your place some time soon.

Thanks, but no need to apologize; it's just a number (but it keeps getting bigger !  *sigh* )

 I'm sill at the stage of looking forward to birthdays, so I don't fully comprehend your dissatisfaction.

Happy birthday!


Once you reach a certain AGE, one realizes that time is growing shorter, and so anticipation of the "end result" of aging, is not looked forward to ;-)

If life is the postponement of death, I say we enjoy it!

Indeed, I have moved almost into fast forward, trying to experience new things before my fuse reaches the end :-)

Better to go with a bang rather than fizzling out!

Or lying in your death bed thinking, You know, I never tried Limburger Cheese.....
Well, even if I have "started late",  I am in the mode now.....I do want to try this, and try to do that....just for the experience of it (within reason of course).
Well, lots of little things, and a few big things.

On the little things side, I have already tried 7 different cheeses I've never had before, including "soft" Limburger;  tried a few "micro-brewed" local beers (I don't drink very often, in fact I haven't had one {besides the one a few months ago} for well over a year),  have tried to get OUT more, like the trip to see the Lipizzaner's  and, of course, there was that trip, by myself, to NYC :-)

THIS year, I am looking to go back to NYC, but this time, to the Next HOPE conference. It is hosted at the HOtel  PEnnsylvania   Since I was prevented from attending The Last HOPE conference (due to having heart surgery) I definitely want to get to this one.   I have listened to some of the recordings of the talks given, and although some of it is a bit beyond me, some of the activities I would have just "disappeared into" :-)  Especially the "bring your junker computer, add it to the pile" and/or put together something useful FROM the pile :-)

Then, well maybe I will be better equipped to host a Show and Tell (last time I made mention of this, the planning and then the finances made me wonder why I had even mentioned it out loud :-) 

 Wow, you have been busy.

My favorite type of cheese is cream cheese on crackers, followed closely by a nice strong mature cheese. The only beer I've drunk was a Cruizer's Light Beer.

Next time you go to New York you could check out if Instructables has a build night on or not.

Well it's great that you're really being out there and creative, it seems you've got lots of fun ahead!

Lots of fun, IF my anchor doesn't weigh me down......

As I predicted, when I mentioned that I had pre-registered for the HOPE con; my wife said I will NOT be attending all 3 days.  I told her you can't pay for just one or two days, you pay the fee and you go or you waste the money.

She doesn't want to "find friends or family" to be with for a few days, though.  I mean, it's not like I would be doing this every month, or even every year.....*sigh* and of course she won't come along with me (she'd be fearful enough to stay in the hotel room all the time).
Yeah, my wife tends to pooh pooh things she refuses to participate in.   Like the trip to NYC;  she was afraid I'd get mugged, and killed.  She wanted to instill a lot of fear in me (me thinks, because she didn't want to be alone for a day BUT she also refused to come WITH me).  

Ahh. Well I can't wait till I leave home and take off my iron shackles, labeled mum and dad.

It's funny,  my parents were fairly strict (being it was about 40 or so years ago) yet I never felt "shackled" in any way..... :-) 


It's not the fact they're strict, it's just that my day to day routine is some what marred by them.

I was more inhibited by school, really.  Once  I graduated, I spent the next 2 years trying to get some savings together while living at home, so I could make a decent start.....then I got married (first wife) and it all went away.

Sounds kinda like my dad, but insert a motor bike crash and a whole bunch of other miserly things.

I'm in year 8, I would like to get out of school but I'm prepared to stick it through.

I like holidays, and there's a 6 week one coming up. Yay!

Well, my first marriage was a disaster.  I married the most a-typical southern belle that ever existed.   She didn't like to do anything, and she even hated cooking *sigh* (well, she DID like to do one thing, just not with me).


Aww that's a shame.

Dad built a house and his ex got it, I saw it for the first time 2 and a half months ago. It's really cool.

Well, with the first wife cheating on me, she wasn't about to "get" much of anything out of me.  Although I did end up paying off some of her lawyer expenses just to have it all come to an end.  She didn't have a "leg" to stand on, really.

BTW:  I think one of my favorite cheeses is Muenster.

The best cheese is none other than:


I haven't seen that around here, so I haven't been able to try it.

It's a Wallace and Gromit joke.

Hmm, what's the time? I guess I might have to look at my WATCH, and IT appears to be nearly dinner time about NOW.

Some say subliminal messages work better than simple text.

I understand the reference, but am not sure why it was used here....I mean, I haven't an easy way to "get" the cheese he mentioned....soooooo *shrug*

Ahh, he was leading up with the Wensleydale Cheese joke.

Try delicatessens or specialty stores close to where you live.

Oh, ok that is one I haven't heard before I suppose (I don't know everything LOL)

Well at least you know everything important.

Not really ;-)    I have to look up a lot of stuff......the idea is to "know what you know" and also to know "when you don't know something" and therefore must look it up.  I tend to know of the "existence" of certain pieces of information, which makes looking it up, so much easier ;-)

Yes that does always help. A bit of general info can help you get the specifics sometimes.

Yes, just knowing that something exists, really helps one in a search for it :-) 

I was even pretty good at finding answers fairly quickly, before the internet

Is your head going to expload because of surprise, or because the head band is too tight?

Well, it was because of so much coming in all at once that week;  first the laptop, then my wife "got a clue" and got me something I could use.....it was a little much for one week :-)

 Cool headlamp :-)

Believe me, in the (almost) cave I live in,  they will come in handy....

rofl !!  i would use it for when i go camping! if i had a couple of them, me and some friends could go hiking at night! it would be fun !

Uh, yeah....good luck with that.   It's easy enough to get lost in the day time, much less at night :-) 

 like i said before im pretty random

I have a whole other form of randomne....oh look !!!!   A kitty !

PS:   She bought one for herself today  :-)