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I use TigerDirect for computer parts Answered

. I've had good luck ordering computer parts from TigerDirect.com. Wide selection and reasonable prices. I've been using them for 5-6 years now.
. Sales support can be spotty; sometimes you get a salesperson that will lean over backwards to make sure you get what you need and other times they seem to be apathetic. Luckily, the former prevails.
. I've only had to make one return and it went without a hitch.
. The web site has an excellent search. When you search for, say, "monitor" the results page will have links to different size ranges and price ranges, allowing one to easily drill down to the right product.
. Disclaimer: My only connection to TigerDirect is as a satisfied customer.


Don't forget to sign up for there emails, thats how you get the stuff with good rebates, but they can run out fast. : ( Also be prepared to wait 6-8 months (they say) but I have waited up to 12

. It's the same at most places. That's why I avoid rebates. . . PS: I've gotten all sorts of freebies (eg, mousepad, retractable USB extension cable, &c;) from them by asking at the end of the order "What y'all givin' away today?"

Thanks for the tip! Also, you've started using . & > again! What made you do that?

> Also, you've started using . & > again! What made you do that? . Huh? When did I stop?