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Pictures found! Thank you, Zak!

I already have it built, and it surpasses expectations. It happily digests most connector bullets, rods, oodammo, and fin ammo. The trigger is shear genius, it reliably blocks the pin and releases it with little effort. A K'nex gun called "The Avenger" has a trigger just like this, but Zak has a tan clip keeping the trigger in the guard, while the Avenger doesn't and the trigger is somewhat loose.
I'm overall very impressed.



3 years ago

I realize this is 2 months late, but I think its awesome that people seek out builds from my knex days. http://s386.photobucket.com/user/ZaKnex/library/ZLG

Could you give me Swagboss pictures I saw the video and it looks realy cool!


3 years ago

The front part of the ZLG isn't too complex, just a simple bullet lock.

Perhaps you could build it or do a mock up of it? I could do it with one clear close up picture.

Thanks, I would appreciate it. Sonic probobly would too.

Excellent. Would you mind making a mock-up version of the trigger body too? Now I want to build this gun.

Before opeing the link, I knew exactly what this was. Ha ha.

If you get pix i want to make the ZLG too!

Dude, I had not thought of that. The guy is not active anymore, though, and I have no idea which of his accounts to go to.

He doesn't use Youtube anymore. Although his Instructables account, Knar, may be active.