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I want a bass guitar Answered

Hey everybody, I was considering a bass but I don't have a whole lot of money. Is there anything I can get that's around $350 orso?


If you want a good bass there are several options. I got a Washburn T-14 and I like it. Also i like the Gretch Playmate.

wonderful choice for your budget you also could of gone with the basic Ibenez model

you can go to a guitar center if you live in the U.S. if not look on ebay and maybe your local music store or you can build your own for about 150-200 just google build your own Bass


yeah! check out your local music stores They sell used stuff pretty cheep honestly it doesnt matter if it has a few scratches on it

umm yeah an excellent guitar from epiphone thunderbird IV bass 300 dollars for itself, another 100 dollars if you want a case, but your gonna hve to fix it yourself

I know this is kinda outdated, but I was wondering, did you get one since this forum topic?


10 years ago

I bought a Washburn Bantam series XB122 for 300. I love it. also, check craigslist and guitarcenter.com's used section

i think it looks promising. but, if you have never played before, you probably won't need all the range that it offers. i would go instead with the Epiphone EB-0. it has only one pickup (neck) and has less tone and volume controls. it also has a nice deep sound that is more than adequate enough for most bass lines. as long as you're not on level with Victor Wooten or Marcus Miller, or like to play mind boggling and ear splitting metal solos, go with the EB-0., and put your extra hundred bucks into a good rig.

Yes but I most likely not get another guitar for several years. I could learn to play it after a while and then actually use the extras. Besides you really couldn't get an amp for $100 unless you get like a pocket amp.

no, i meant add that $100 to whatever you were already planning to buy for an amp (if you didn't think about the amp, you should go back and reconsider your price range - decent amps start at $150, but that would only be for 35 watts - or less.)

Well here is what I'm going to do. I'm getting a Squire package deal, and when I get better, I'm going to be able to get a higher quiality base.

sounds good. did you also check out the yamaha package deals? that might be just one step better.

Depend on how he's planning to learn, an amp isn't the end story there, my mate and I modified some computer speakers into a decent amp, not hard just find ones with a good sub, bass an trebble controls, the rest was already on the guitar, obviously you miss the gain control but for practicing quietly they definitely do the job...

The store I went to didn't have any, and I'm not really feeling good about ordering somethying like that.

hock shops in big citys also classifieds from big city classifieds will allow you to examine the item befor you buy maybe takin a good player with you or electronic repair facilitys sometimes have amps they have repaired that aint been picked up save some buks and let yer fingers do the callin

most of those look like cheap rip-offs of famous basses - the most reliable places to buy instruments are sam ash, guitarcenter, and musiciansfriend.com. for a DIY bass, check out warmoth.com - a bit pricy, but high quality and a wide variety to choose from

despite looking like that, i have heard good things about them from people whos opinions i trust. i agree with the fact that they look like that, and the first time i saw them i thought the same thing. however, i have hard nothing but good things about them considering quality for the price. the only bad things i have ever heard was that it needed set up when it came. granted however, the things are about their guitars, and i have heard nothing about their basses. and yeah, warmoth would be great, but it does cost quite a bit... im thinking of saving up to get a diy guitar from warmoth.

does anyone play the bagpipes? i would like to learn how to play, got any good starting out chanters?

Post a separate forum topic- all the people in here are guitar/bass types. ;)

check out the Dropkick Murphys' website - they actually have bagpipe tabs!

I'd bet you could find a good used one either on ebay, or some kind of bulletin board at your local music shop. you could get more for you money, that way. Also check craigs list, your newspaper, and any local advertisement catalog that you may get.

Well I saw this ESP 5 string online, for about 350, but I don't really know a lot about the company. Know anything?

I've been playing Bass for about 12 years now.......... if your a beginner then your main concern should be beginner playability. you want something easy to play, with an easy sliding neck and you want a bridge setup that will give minamal fret buzz when little pressure is applied to the fret......... it takes some time to develop the finger strength and ability to press hard and achieve desired tone. A lot of people might suggest a paw shop.......... this is a great idea for an experienced musican looking for a deal...........but pawn brokers are not very knowledgable usually in guitars.......... if you do get anything used I'd suggest taking it to a pro for a tune up. you might want t start with 4 strings if your gonna only pay 350......you'll get a much better instrument then trying to find a cheap 5 string they add 150 - 200 bucks for the 5th string so imagine what that means for quality in a 350 5 string......... basically your buying a 200 dollar 4 string with another sting........ you might be able to find a good one if you look........ but my suggestion to you until your well versed in bass guitars is buy a good 4 string from a quality music store............ with knowledgable staff........... there arn't that many songs that require a 5 string and once you know yur way arond a bass you'll learn all the proper tunnings to lower octives and such

I've been looking around now for a few months and read reviews and talked to people. But only a few actually have a bass instead of a guitar. But really, the reason I want a five string is because I would feel like I would have more freedom, you know? But I'll keep on looking until I find the best. Thanks.

I know what you mean but you'll find quickly that its almost a waste. I currently own a sick ass gibson epiphone 5 string bass. its awsome but in 12 years of playing I barely ever use it. pls bass strings are pricy.....your looking at $40 for a set of 4 strings.......... 55 - 60 for 5 strings

yeah. chaoscampbell is right. i normally disagree with him on things (evidence: LDR forum) but he's right here. the 5th string is cool, but unnecessary, and can confuse you. if you want freedom, go fretless. if you want total freedom, get a custom bass. but adding strings is actually limiting your freedom by forcing you to concentrate more on positioning than timing and grooving

Alright, I think I found a good bass for how much it is. Tell me what you think. I'm thinking about the Epiphone EB-3. Here is the website is EB-3.

esp usually makes good stuff. i have not tried their cheaper stuff though. best advice i can give you is to go to a music store if you can and try out all of them in your price range. check out the usuals as well. squire, epi, schecter, ibanez... they are typically good considering how much you pay for them.