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I want circuit daigram and process video for highly bass subwoofer to connecting my phone to enjoy the music? Answered

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Downunder35mBest Answer (author)2017-04-17

I have to decide to make a subwoofer for high bass to enjoy music and also iam an elctronics student so i want make my self its my ambition to learn... Pls help me to suggest a best circuit daigram for me to make a subwoofer...to my phone? Thank you...

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Depends on your skill set, how much you want to spend and how far you want to go....
Best and easiest audio quality output would be by Bluetooth - your phone should have the settings for connecting BT headsets for example.
This saves you the hassle of cables to your phone, unless you want a docking station - which there are plenty to buy for cheap, including audio.
Having said that:
Take a BT audio thingy that supports the full frequency range, so maybe no dedicated handsfree units.
In the case of BT speakers you can even get stereo systems.
Take the audio output for the speakers (if no line out available) and adjust the level so the amplifier of your choice can handle it.
A decent crossover will give you what you need in good sound quality.

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