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I want some cool things to do over the summer. Answered

I am 11 and have a rotary tool and dremel.Any ideas?



8 years ago

"yor" is not a word.

In what language? I do not count "internet language" as being real, by the way.

You can ask anyone with a Language major, any language major, and they will tell you that internet speak is a devolution of language, not an actual one.

Agreeing with Kiteman on this one.

Get a pair of safety googles and a vise. You can make just about anything. Anything need fixing or take apart stuff. Good luck.

You just join the site, and your sole contribution so far is to cast disdain on another member's question?

How about you stop wasting our time and go post insults on YouTube?

how about YOU stop wasting MY TIME reading YOR comment about how THEY are wasting THEIR time sighning up and posting the BLEEPING comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, my comment was in your defence. I apologise for helping - you may consider it the last time.

If you don't like getting responses to topics you post, then don't post the topics.

Home dentistry. Fillings, scale & polish...? L

Blast, I just saw this topic and that was the first thing that came to mind.....I should have known someone would beat me to this comment :-)

And by more than a few days... L

Ever heard the sarcasm?


I wonder how you could find out what it means?

I just did - the first non-sponsored link is this thread.

Now, either make a genuinely helpful suggestion, or go and do something useful*.

*like fixing your stuck caps-lock key.

There is also nothing wrong with using the "reply" button, and, if you paused for just a second before hitting the "post comment" button, you would realise that google is utterly useless when you aren't exactly certain what you are looking for.

Aren't you wasting your own time by signing up and posting the comment? L

You need to ask more specifically - what interests you? What past projects have you enjoyed?

Nonsense - "I am 11 and have a rotary tool and dremel" is perfectly specific. :P

oops..............I put rotary tool and dremel instead of drill and dremel..................My bad.