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I want the best equipment there is for a recording studio, what do I need? Answered

I'm a young up-and-coming artist, with intentions of recording, but I want to build my own studio, and learn everything off on my own. The only problem is, I'm not sure what equipment I need, and then which ones are good or not.

If someone could provide me with a list, that would be a great help!


What is your budget? What exactly do you want to record? Do you want to record everything at once, or do a multi-track recording? (Multi-track will be cheaper, but it is harder on the musicians.) Do you expect to mic amps, or run guitars, keyboards, etc. directly into the mixer? (Running direct is much easier when you are learning how to record.)

I was a musician in my teens, (classically trained for 12 years), but I also do professional recording, so I have a good idea of what you need. Once you answer the questions above, I can give you a list of what I would get if I were in your shoes.

Also, you might want to look at my instructables. My profile is https://www.instructables.com/member/thegeeke/

Start at the oldest and work your way forward, my more recent ibles assume that you have either read my previous ibles or already have a basic understanding of sound. Good luck! :)


FiazBocus, I know you've been given a lot of advice here, but seriously, be weary of who you listen to and get help from. I find it a little concerning that someone who responded to your question of "I want the best equipment", is offering you an "email address" and doesn't seem capable of giving you "free advice".

If I were you, I would take the offer made by thegeeke, as he has the experience and knowledge to help you out without selling you something at a commission. Just give him some more details about "how" you ultimately want your studio and he'll be able to help.

BTW, in case you hadn't noticed "Skaughticus" signed up for his account just to give you his email... No free advice, just an email. So keep that in mind when you go looking for help. ;)

Thanks so much 'canuksgirl,' AND EVERYONE!!! I'm glad at the responses, and would be acting upon them asap. Also, I understand about the commission, and how the most expensive may not necessarily be the best. (I see that now with my web cam - cost a lot and don't work too well)

But again, thank you all so so much for the responses, I will certainly be contacting you about it!

You're welcome. I hope everything works out, and you get the information and ultimately the equipment that you need. Good luck!

Well for now, to begin with actually recording, I want to don a Single Track. I was thinking of something like and EP, but atm, I don't have the finances. Within the next year and a half, I want to start working on that studio.

I want that professional sound that artists like Rihanna, Beyonce, David Guetta, etc, get with their music, something of the Billboard 100 quality.

This is my dream, and I'm very passionate about it, and I'm willing to do what it takes to make it through. This is one thing no one can take away from me.

I was considering to come to find a great Studio in the states, and come there to do my first Single, and release it there. I don't quite trust the local Record companies here as their sound and quality does not impress me.

It's like, you could TELL that the quality is cheap.

I understand... It takes more than knowing how to connect a XLR cable to a mixer to make a good recording! :)

I will still need to know how many instruments, vocals, etc you want to record, and your budget. If you don't feel that you want that information on a public thread for some reason, feel free to send me a PM. :)

This can be a very loaded question. I work for Musician's Friend and would love to help you find out what options work best for your budget and needs. You have a lot of options to choose from. Especially when it comes to getting started. Please email me at forums@musiciansfriend.com and I'll help you out. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.


Hmmm.... yes it can be a very loaded question. There are lots of options to choose from, but don't you work off of commission? Please understand that I have nothing against you personally, and I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I have only had one good experience of getting advice from people who make more money by selling me the most expensive piece of equipment possible. Again, I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt, and I have nothing against you personally, but the most expensive equipment isn't always the best equipment. (Take Shure wireless mics vs. AKG wireless mics for example... AKG is generally cheaper specs to specs than Shure is now, but AKG makes a much better product. I know you wouldn't use wireless for recording, but I'm just using that as an example.)

I know this sounds rude, and I am sorry, but it is the truth for most people working on commission.  When someone is just getting started, I like to watch out for them, since they can be taken advantage of like I was when I got started.

When I went to buy my first recording device, somebody that was working off of commission convinced me to buy a Zoom H4 (Not the H4n... the H4) as opposed to a Taskam DP02-CF (which I ended up getting in the long run, and was very happy with it).  As I'm sure you know, the Zoom H4 had some major firmware issues, and they did know about it at the time I bought it, but he was just trying to get rid of the product.  When the issues showed up, I tried to bring it back, but they only gave me half of what I paid for it.  Since then, I have been very weary of salesmen on commission.

I understand your concern. I do not make commission. In fact I work in technical support for the company and have been a recording enthusiast for years. I'm just offering help and the reputation of Musician's Friend means more to me than a quick buck. I'm sorry to hear about your poor experience with another retailer.

OK, I understand. One thing I have found about Musician's Friend is that they can have some good deals, however, (again, nothing personal) I have found that they can be overpriced on some items. (Now that's the advertised price that I'm seeing, so I understand that the reps on the phone can probably drop the price a little.)

Now I'm not saying that is just musician's friend, most companies that I see do that (just look at full compass... they overcharge on everything!), but I'm just saying that you have to be careful no matter who you buy it from. :)

Absolutely. With most items we have them priced as low as we possibly can online. A lot of manufacturers apply MAP which means Minimum Advertised Price, but we have a best price guarantee too. If you find something cheaper we are happy to beat the price.

Thanks so much! I look forward to communicating with you!

For a hardware rather than software front end, the Bose MicroBR appears to be highly rated.

Boss... not bose. Bose makes speakers... I've never seen a professional recording device made by them.

I prefer the Zoom recorders over the Boss anyway. :) (Just my personal opinion)

Oops - Yep, you're quite right - Boss.  I was discussing them in another thread somewhere and mis-remembered.

I understand! (It happens to all of us) ;)

Check out musicians friend.

Be careful with musician's friend. They can over charge on a lot of their products. I prefer All Pro Sound. You still have to know what the going rate is, but I really like their staff, and if you call rather than order online, they will always give you a better price.

There are several specialist sites out there where you can ask for specific information on specific equipment. This might be a good place to start: http://www.soundrecordingadvice.com/tips.html

By the way, if you have intentions of recording rather than having any kind of recording experience building your own studio might be putting the horse in front of the wagon. It is going to cost Allot of money and without experience recording or being recorded the results probably wont be too good. Maybe the best place to start is either train with a specialist (for the recording side) or use someone else's studio (for the being recorded side).

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The short answer is he best you can afford.