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I want to amplify an RCA video signal for a small project. Answered

Is it the same as standard amplification, and if not, how do you do it? by rca I mean the yellow plug.


Thanks for your help. the info about 200 mhz vs 30 is really quitehelpful. The only reason I chose alex was because he provided an actualsource of a fix.

Use a video bandwidth opamp. Typical connections for the amp are often included in the data sheet. Most of the major mfgs offer video opamps, including Maxim, TI, Freescale, Phillips, and others.

For instance, the Maxim MAX450, MAX451, and MAX452 are available in DIP pkgs, therefore suitable for breadboarding.

You cant' use a standard audio amp to amplify a video signal. The freq. it too high. It's the same reason you can't use a regular tape deck to record video. An audio amp works to maybe 30k hz which is above audio of most people. A tv signal is in the range of 200 mhz. There is just too much info in a tv signal for it to operate at slower speed. There are amps available that will amplify tv signals from the component (rca jack) level. Now having said that, since the change over to digital tv everything that I've just told you might be wrong or slightly different. I'm still figuring out digital tv and if I've told you wrong SOMEBODY will step in and correct me and put us back on the right track. If I find out anything different before then I'll come back and let you know the update. Good luck.

RCA composite will stay the same, it will still be 200mhz the only thing that changed was the broadcasting frequency (the signal that comes through the air waves)

Thanks. I figured it was still the same but was leaving myself a back door out if I was wrong.

Why do you want to amplify it, does something not work? L