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I want to build a drum set. are you feeling it? Answered

I want to attempt to build a drum set with circles (drum heads) of cardboard. will this work and how would i attempt this?


3 layers of cardboard, with the edges taped together, makes a pretty respectable practice pad drum.

For a "better drum head" look at soda bottle banjo head

If you asked wrong(or I understood wrong) and you're trying to use cardboard tubes, as the drum body(carpet tubes, sonotubes from concrete, etc) then it can be done.
You're best bet would be to take a bunch of pictures of a 'real' drum set. laquer your cardboard tubes for strength and water resistance. then buy the drum heads. They're pretty cheap, and worth much more than all the hassel of making your own(unless you already have a cleaned hide, and know a bit of leather working.

As far as the tensioning hardware, look at low tension banjo's. they are basically drums, with strings.

You can search the net for diy drumset kits, they sell the wood toms with no color or hardware, you can get the hardware from them or get it elsewhere
still cheaper than buying a brand new kit and usually better quality than an entry level kit at the music store. the only issue is that you will have to paint or cover those drums and that does take some skill. there is a very good tutorial here on how to paint your own drums. good luck.

you need a material that will resonate. (like dense wood) Cardboard will dampen any vibrations that striking the head causes, instead of amplifying it.... It would also break or fold if you got really HXC, or if someone bumped into the set...