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I want to build a push cart with x4 bicycle tyres? Answered

I want to use bicycle wheels with the turn function of two at the back where I would steer and push from. I have no idea how to make this,just have the idea in my head, that it would be just what I need,I picture x2 tyres with the forks at the back with a wide kinda T-handle to steer left or right,other x2 fixed at the front.My main thing I guess would be the axle strength or protection from rugged bush terrain and how or what frame would suit best for what I want.But if I have plans or a tutorial video I'm sure I can.Must be light weight but able to carry 150kg , not wider than 900mm including tyres,if longer than 2metres then is it possble to have it come apart in two pieces?I don't have welding options,where I should weld I plan on drill and nuts+bolts . I've searched all over the internet for 3 days or 5 hrs a day with no luck what so ever. Hope someone can help!

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rickharris (author)rickharris2015-03-19


the link seemed to be broken. You can click try again if it still is. Working at this time. Of course you don't need to build the body but it would be very neat.

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iceng (author)rickharris2015-03-19
mpilchfamily (author)2015-03-19

All you need to do is look at other pushcarts/soapbox races and come up with a way to steer it backwards. A set of cables will do the trick. But then your have to turn left to go right and right to go left.

Overall not a good idea to have rear wheel steering.

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