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I want to build a rc car . what are the materials required and how? Answered


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RedrockersBest Answer (author)2009-02-07

it would b very complicated-u would need motors,transmitters microcontrollers ect...

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Matt9 (author)2010-03-07

OK, so it would really depend on what you were aiming for. such as if you wanted to build an electric rc car or a petrolised car and whether you want it to race or just fun and whether you want hardcore racing or hangin' out with your mates racing. well me and my uncle made a petrolised rc car and it could go up to speed of about 70-80km max. so all it would really depend on is what you want. for my choice i would want a petrosed no full on racing car. some of the thngs you would want to have to build it would be: 
Some kind of suspension 
Steering(can be hydrolics or the normal ordinary boring way (LOL)
Wheels of a sort
Remote control system

and so its not that complicated to make a top of the range rc car.

Hope you have a good try at this as it is VERY rewarding.


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gbhargav (author)Matt92011-03-20

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looking4ideas (author)2009-03-02

its not that complicated once u know how they work. How many years of expericance do u have according to that i can point u in the correct direction

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