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I want to build a super computer.? Answered

I have about 20 old ps2 keyboards, How can i build them into a super computer.  I've aslo got a bunch of old video crds and some memory chips.
  Help me I'm in a hurry.  I need it to design some other projects.



Best Answer 7 years ago

Well that depends... how much JB Weld do you have?

Sony killed my dream of having a supercomputer. It used to be that you could hook together 8 PS3s to build a Linux running supercomputer powerful enough to calculate what happens in the center of a black hole. Imagine how fast Linux compatible games would run on such a machine. DO YOU KNOW HOW FAST MINESWEEPER WOULD RUN?!?! DO YOU??? (And yes, I do know about WINE. WINE is awesome) The PS3 Slim was only $300, which would have made the price of said machine around $2400... That is, IF IT WEREN'T FOR SONY AXING LINUX SUPPORT. FUUUUUUUUU--  Apparently I'm not the only one pissed about this...

Yeah, I know how fast minesweeper would run: About as fast as it runs on one machine. Parallel processing only helps if the software is designed to be able to divide the problem across multiple processors; vector processing only helps if the software is designed to perform matrix math using the vector processor. (As I pointed out in my own answer.) There are some research compilers which will assist in writing code which will run in a supercomputer environment, but it's still necessary for a human to design the code in such a way that the compiler can distribute the work appropriately.

I guess that makes sense, however, Cornell has made some leaps in evolutionary programs that can, over time, extrapolate formulas and design robots. I'm sure that such a program could design a compiler for supercomputers, if given the correct parameters. The only snag is it requires a supercomputer...

You'd figure with multicore processors being all the rage nowadays they'd be working on problems like this. I mean there are some consumer level computers with 2, 4 core chips that have to do basically the same thing as a supercomputer with 8 nodes.

... besides, Minesweeper (like many programs) spends most of its time waiting for user input -- and all machines wait for input at the same speed.

FYI: Linux support was only for the older non-slim PS3s. Apparently, Sony also removed Linux support from those w/ firmware updates.


7 years ago

Dump that stuff in the trash. Go on the street. Look for old MOBOs, Ram and CPUs in working order. Build them into individual working computers. Network them. Run supercomputer software.

Linux works well for this. If you make say 5 machines, and you have the master computer running of a hard drive and the other 4 running of the lan from the master computer you'll have a super computer.

As others have said: The keyboards are useless for this purpose. *NEW* video cards with fast graphics coprocessors could be useful, but the old ones probably aren't, and you'd still need a suitable computer to host and coordinate them. Memory chips won't do you any good until all the other problems are addressed.

Note that Sony has recently killed the ability to run Linux on the PS3's Cell processor, meaning that it is no longer possible to turn a cluster of those into a "poor man's supercomputer".

Note too that building a supercomputer is only the first step. You then have to have the programming skills to divide up the problem in a form that can be efficiently executed by that machine. It isn't just a matter of running your existing programs faster.

Sorry, but the best help we can give you is to suggest you actually learn something about basic computer architecture, then about supercomputer design, then put together a realistic proposal. Given where you seem to be starting from, I think that's at least a year of very dedicated work, probably several. So I'd strongly suggest that either you stop being in a hurry, or find other ways to tackle your projects, or find other projects.

"If it was easy, people wouldn't get paid so much to do it."

I can't wait a year for the copmputer i need it by this weekend. What is linux. why would i need it.

Well, I need a million dollars by this weekend about as much as you need a supercomputer by this weekend. If you can come up with the money, I might be able to do something about your need for a supercomputer.

You're typing these notes on a computer. Why not start by using that one?

Actually the best answer to this question may be Frank Hayes' song, "You Can Build A Mainframe":

".... Oh, IBM, DEC, and Honeywell, HP, DG, and Wang
Amdahl, NEC and NCR, they don't know anything
They make big bucks from systems, so they never want it known
That you can build a mainframe from the things you find at home"

(The singer goes on to assemble a "computer" out of a TV set, a washing machine, Christmas-tree lights, a freezer, an old reel-to-reel tape recorder, and a few other odds and ends... and then declares success because the programs which don't run on a real computer don't run on this one either. Fun song, from a man with a long and surprisingly respectable history in the computer biz.)

Why not take some time to do research, so you can learn for yourself what you can and can't do, and how to do it?

.  Define "supercomputer".  Using the most common definition, if you have to ask, you can't do it and you don't have the proper parts even if you can figure it out.

Keyboards aren't computers. Why not take some time to do research, so you can learn for yourself what you can and can't do, and how to do it?