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I want to build the ultimate gaming computer, What part will I need.Remember I want the ULTIMATE computer? Answered

like high graphic cards, good proceccors, the works.


The best possible computer today will be mediocre not long after you buy/build it. If you really want the "ultimate" computer, be prepared to wait until the ultimate moment -- ie, forever.

an old friend of mine tried to do this by wiring 12 x-box's together. but he got the power modulation wrong- and deep fried all the electrics in his house. the moral here- x-box sucks!!! but that aside; you need graphics cards, video cards, and one hell of a hard drive. and ram. lots and lots of ram. some computer stores will build a custom pc for you. if not try visiting ebay. and for god's sake dont intall vista- it'll crash repeatly after two months

Plus according to your profile your 14 so unless you have saved lot's of money I doubt you would be spending 3000+$ on a computer

Well a gameing computer Useually has Lot's Of RAM (Random access memory) And A Good Prossesing speed And Harddrives only matter really if your going to put 20+Games on your computer (80Gigs is useually good) SO go to future shop or E~Bay And look for a computer There is NO ULTIMATE Gameing computer because all computers have Weaknesses And By the time you had all the stuff shiped there would allready be better stuff And do you Really plan on building a computer from scratch? Honestly though NVIDIA is one of the best places for Video Cards I personally Like intel Stuff But that's just me P.S. GOOD LUCK

Search the internet for high-spec machines to buy and see what they use (they always boast about their bits)
For example: these from $3,699.


While it could certainly run a mighty fine video game (100FPS on an IMAX screen?), it might be a bit difficult to obtain the parts to build your own 20 petaFLOP Sequoia. Likewise, I suspect you would not be be willing to spend several million dollars to assemble a supercomputing cluster.

So if that is the case, you need to specify a hard upper limit on the price you are willing to pay for this computer, or define more clearly what you mean by 'ultimate'.

Perhaps you mean the best machine that can be assembled from off-the-shelf cards and fit into a single off-the-shelf case?