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I want to buy a r/c car but can't choose between battery or gas pls help? Answered

I'm 14 but good with my hands pls help



8 years ago

for a beginner to rc - electric. Electric (esp brushless motor) is consistent from day to day. You can expect a gas to need carb adjusting from day to day because of humidity and heat. Assuming you mean "nitro" when you say gas, the alcohol will absorb water from the air so there is another variation from fresh bottle/quart to end-of-quart. Some differences are evident even to beginners and are esp. evident to the pros. Electric is cleaner (no exhaust goop) so post run clean up only getting road/dirt off car. Get your feet wet with elect then graduate to gas.

Well it really depends on your previous knowledge of RC cars and knowledge of small engines. If this is your first RC car I would recommend getting a electric RC because of there simplicity to operate or repair. But if you have some knowledge of how to repair small engines and fine tune them I would defiantly go with a gas powered one