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I want to download a pdf of a product as shown on the side. Answered

It seems impossible to download a product or what is exposed on the side.
May be I di something wrong allthough I was logged in.

Please explain how I can download-copy somethingg explained on the site.




You can print the Web page(s) yourself, and use your own computer's printer interface to save to PDF (Macs can do that easily; I don't know how Windows works).

Could you please explain how you do this with a Mac

Sure! When you print, the big dialog box comes up for you to select which printer, layout, etc. In the lower left corrner there's a button which says PDF with a triangle. That pops up a menu. Choose "Save As PDF..." and tell it the filename and directory where you want to save.

You want to download a PDF of an Instructable?

Yes, is this possible??

As a Premium member yes.

As a basic member No.