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I want to drill into my computer and make a fan grate on the top of it and make it for a large fan.? Answered

I just want to drill into the top of my aluminum based case so it will provide more airflow to the insides of the computer.



Best Answer 9 years ago

Just remember the basics of airflow = hot goes up, and air has to come from somewhere to go somewhere.

Notably - a top port needs to exhaust air in all but a few situations.

Also, anything you open up on top needs an equivalent air intake somewhere down lower - either the case side or front.

Remove any electronics from the case while working on it - a single aluminum shaving could wreck a motherboard by shorting the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Cover the area you want to drill a grill with masking tape, and tape down a printout of where you want the holes (or draw them on the tape) to protect the aluminum. Make sure your intended fan spot can indeed fit a fan inside.

Use a drill bit intended for metal at the right speed, and dont push too hard. Let the drill do the work.

Then, make sure there's 4 mounting holes for a fan inside, screw it on, and enjoy!

Thank you, that's gonna help, Where could i get dis printout? hmm...

google 'online graph paper generator' and you'll be able to make plenty of patterns.

I just drilled holes in the top of my case :\ thats it