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I want to get a tracfone and i have no money and have no way to get any money what do i do? Have any ideas? Answered

I am a teen and just want a phone.


I think you should join a monastery, especially if it is one of those in which you can take a vow of silence.

You see that way, your lack of money will not be a problem, since the order will take care of you; i.e. give you food, and shelter, and a job of some kind.  If you are living in a monastery, there's nothing to spend money on anyway.

More importantly, as a consequence of your vow of silence you will feel no need to talk to people on the phone. 

Make sure that your  vow also includes a ban on texting, and posting silly questions to online forums.

I imagine most kids are GIVEN cell phones by their parents for free. I suspect your parents decided not to do that for what ever reason. (They dont have the money, or they want you to earn it as a life lesson possibly). Is this why you "have no way to get any money?" because your parents will not give it to you? There must be a HUNDRED ways to get money enough to buy a tracfone. Mow lawns, trim bushes, babysit kids etc. When i was a teen, i wanted a motorcycle. I did yard mowing (5 dollars a yard) , saved lunch money (50cents a day), and repaired broken (tube-type) televisions people threw away on the curb (ten bucks each). It took me TWO YEARS, but i finally saved up $700.00 and i bought a Suzuki 500 (piece of junk) motorcycle. I learned a lot about the value of money... the value of work ... and the value of carefull shopping... and other lessons. If my father had just bought it for me, i would only have learned .... to give up and say, "i have no way to get money." so count it as a challenge that you have no money. Overcome the challenge and earn some money to achieve VICTORY over the problem. You will come out miles ahead of all the other kids that are just GIVEN a free phone.

Get a job, save your money and then you can get a phone.


Plus, search this site for money-making ideas. This question comes up a lot, and there have been many pieces of useful advice given out over the years.


No money no phone. Almost nothing is free in this world. You need to work for what you want. So find a job and save up to buy the phone. If your under 16 then mow your neighbors laws. Work out a deal with your parents so that you do extra work around the house and they pay you for it. Tell them its a great way for your to learn responsibility and the value of making your own money. Tell them it is the start on learning a good work ethic. They should eat that right up.


I agree. There really isn't any other method for getting a phone unless you intend to sponge off others or worse...

1. Be realistic

2. In general you get NOTHING for NOTHING n this world.

3. You Only "WANT" this phone you don't NEED it so learn to live with your desires until you figure a way to work for the necessary cash, I can tell you from experience then whet you have the cash something else will grab your attention so be prepared.

4. Start looking for ways to EARN your desires. that's how our society works! Who knows with a bit of imagination and effort you could be another millionaire before your 30.

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