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Birds! a little challenge/contest Answered

Can I do it?      Thank you!

I will give away some of my backlog of pro memberships as prizes

Here is the contest:  birds

Some bird music to get you motivated


What type of competition you want to be held

Yes, you can if you want. It would be best to post it as a Forum Topic.

The Community Blog would probably be fine, unless the topic of your Contest relates to another area of the forum.

Thank you, I updated this post and posted an Instructable about it. But for some reason lately my Instructables haven't been showing up in the Recent feed. Even Spam gets posted in Recents but mine frequently don't. Is that because I have neglected to observe some rule?

Thank you


The contest doesn't really work as an Instructable, please post it just as a forum topic.

Community Support Manager

Looks good :)  
Also, you really do not need to restrict those who can enter. We have to because we are a company, but you as a person are free from those restrictions :)  Here is a person that has done their own contest of sorts if you want to see how someone has done it before!  Let me know if you have any questions.

I see, so that's a guide then. I like it. I will change it to a guide. Thanks

Would you like me to unpublish the other forum topic so people don't get confused?

for some reason the attached picture doesn't show with the guide?

It shows up on the explore page, but it doesn't show up in the guide unless you embed the photo in the code using "Source"

You can also post it as a guide if you want, but not an Instructable. If you do a guide then you can add people's Instructables to it as they enter.

Go for it - post some simple rules, some deadlines, see what you get.

Should I just brazenly cut/edit/copy the rules you used from your Birding Challenge? Or should I be more informal about it?

The rules we follow were drawn up by the lawyers at Autodesk. You do not and probably should not follow them. As you are just running this on your own, you can do whatever you want. You do not have to follow the restrictions we do.

Whatever you feel like - the Birding Challenge was an official event, so the rules were a little involved, but an unaffiliated challenge like yours, you can be as formal (or informal) as you like - you don't even have to restrict it to certain countries!