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I want to interface my pressure sensor which uses RS485 communication protocol to send data to arduino. What can I do? Answered

I am using a keller pressure sensor(http://www.keller-druck.com/home_e/paprod_e/33x_35x_e.asp) which works on RS485 communication protocol to send the data. I used the following kellerbus code : https://github.com/thewknd/kellerbus with my arduino but, am not able to interface it. I am thinking of purchasing an RS485 to TTL converter module and I will be writing the code of serial communication on my arduino to retrieve the TTL data. Will it work? If not, please suggest some other method.
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ı have same sensor and same problem.Did you solve it?I cannot read anything kellerbus library that given below.Coul you help me please?

By far the simplest method of interfacing to 485 is with a converter. I really wouldn't bother to try and implement it any other way. You only need a small, single chip !

So, are you suggesting me to go for rs485 to TTL converter? If yes, will I be able to get the data using serial communication code on the arduino?

Yes, and you probably won't need the bit-bang interface.

Software serial is called a bit-bang interface, because you have to do all the timing work for the serial protocol yourself (or in this case, your library does) That means you have to have software doing the work. The best way is to use dedicated hardware to do the interface - all you do then is send a character to a memory location, and wait for a flag to say "I've sent it". Likewise there is another flag that says "Ping: I have a character for you"

Bit bang is FLEXIBLE, because you can use any pins, but hard work for your processor.

Can you please explain in detail what I will have to do to accomplish my above-mentioned task? I mean, some changes/additions in the trivial serial communication arduino code or something like that.

As the library says in big letters


  • RS485 compatible transceiver, like MAX487


Granted, the 232-485 modules are convenient and require little more than hook up with cables, so if you're not of the EE variety, it might be a better solution.