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I want to know the best items to place in a 5 gal survival bucket to leave in my car permanently for emergencies. Answered

When we are forced to leave town in an emergency, we will grab our food supply, water, clothing, blankets, and valuables from our home.  My bucket will have all the little things you could use in any survival situation such as being stuck on the interstate for days in winter or extreme heat that you wouldn't think about  in your hurry to leave.  Batteries corrode, liquids spill, food  medicines become outdated,  What great survival tools are there and how do you use them.  I want to be the best prepared survivor on the interstate or stuck in the wilderness (with my car) until it blows over..


Here is an instructable illustrating the emergency survival kits that we keep in our vehicles.

Great ideas. My plan is to use the bucket for water storage or camp toilet and I'm looking for possible long term situations where you can't go home for a while. I spent the day at a Walmart and think they called security because I looked suspicious - no cart, note pad and checking out lots of areas. Finally I told a security guy I was planning a camping trip and was really a novice. I'm looking for a collapsible pole to fit in my bucket. Check out my list on www.womenwithaplan.blogspot.com . It is a work in progress. I'll save your instructable. Thanks

I'm retired military, a lifelong outdoorsman, and a long time scout leader. I've accumulated a lot of camping gear over the years and it's all pretty good equipment. Although, a lot of it is for creature comfort. I keep a basic set of camping equipment in a 18"x32"x16" plastic tub that will set up camp and keep it going nearly indefinitely. Add a day pack, tent, sleeping bag, and some food and you're set for just about anything.

I would like to know what you carry. My camping experience is living on boats for four years total. Long term comfort as well as survival. I want stuff to help me get food, water, safety and comfort and the ability to use what you can carry to create it. I am now searching for spots near big cities where people can go and survive - without being harassed. Rail road tracks, shores of rivers that flood annually, logging trails. Swamps and backwaters. I learned a lot in my lifetime and have a desire to keep learning and share.

i read all the comments, and are you planning on breaking down for a few hrs or a full out zombie apocalypse?

You can go about 3 days without water, and about 3 weeks without food.

A couple jugs of water will last 2 yrs before expiring, a box of MREs will last 3 years. 1 MRE is 1200 cal, that is more than enough per person/ per day for survival. A case of MRE's is 12 meals. For a family of 3 that will last about 4 days.

In about 3 days you should be able to coordinate with red cross or FEMA and they will pass out MREs and water.

The thing about an escape is that you don't know what will happen. I'm looking for stuff to help you in any event and for any amount of time. I read about three men on a raft who survived for thirty five days with only a pocket knife and the clothes they were wearing. I expect you to have sufficient warning to grab your valuables, enough food for an emergency, limited amt of water, weapons, clothing and a shelter. My bucket will hold all the things you might not think about in your hurry to escape. But in case you don't have time, you will survive without all those things. Fun fantasy. Working on a condensed list with great added stuff. Thanks for your post. Ruthvan

Flares, glow sticks, flint and steel, swiss army knife or something similar, paper steel wool this is for lighting fires, books on wild plants and survival books that show you how to make shelters, small buckets, rope, ratchet straps small tarp, blanket, first aid kit, water purification tablets,wind up flash light, wind up radio, gun and ammo something small just in case fishing tackle and rod, lighter, camping fuel lantern

just getting used to this site. See my comments. I googled 6 in 1 spade and found one for $20

Check any army surplus store - they might be called a trenching shovel or similar.

googled 6 in 1 folding spade and found it for $20

Great list. what is paper steel wool? Are these three products or one? Fire starting is one of my biggest problems. The list I'm working on can be found at www.womenwithaplan.blogspot.com . I've been working on it for three weeks. As far as guns and ammo - That I would have in a more accessible spot closer to me so I didn't include it. I don't have a lantern. Do you know of one or a home made one. I'm a little concerned about fuel stored in a car for years. Ratchet straps - great idea. Thanks

Sorry about i was doing this at 2 in the moring
What meant was paper and steel wool to start fires. Go to a camping store and get a propane lantern if dont want the gun a bow and arrow. To start with seel wool you will need you will need a nine volt battery and you will put the steel on both terminals WARNING THIS WILL IGNITE VERY VERY FAST and bring a small hachet. Great for spliting wood. And bring hand warmers and misqito spray

+1. Even better than paper, if one happens to have a gas or electric clothes dryer, is lint. Just roll the lint off the screen and place into a plastic bag or other water proof container. Lint is an exceptional material for starting fires with a flint.

I've heard that before. That's why there are so many dryer fires. Also I heard that vaseline makes it more flamable. Think I'll include it in my bucket. Thanks

Bow and arrow sounds great. Light weight and multi use. Is there an alternative to mosquito spray that migh disintegrate over time and explode. I forgot I will have the car so can use the car battery as long as it lasts and my hand crank flashlight has a phone charger that might work. Google 6 in 1 folding spade - I can't find my source for that great product.. Bucket includes mosquito netting and sticky velcro for ventilation in your car. Hand warmers and head and neck coolers that you soak and reuse are a great item. Thanks

Any water you carry will soon be gone. I want water gathering tools and water sources and stuff and ideas to get it. Came up with a home made distiller for salt water or dirty water. Wearever chicken bucket low pressure cooker. But I need to have a strong boilable flexible tube for condensing. Several websites use copper or stainless but that would use too much room in my bucket. One suggested plastic bags around branches or on the ground to draw moisture but you need a lot. Yes, water is essential, thanks

2 collapsible 2 gallon water bottles plus the bucket can carry it. pellets are soon gone.

I found a 6 in one tool with saw, hammer, spade, prybar, axe, but haven't ordered it and couldn't get a good description. It needs to fit in my bucket with all that other stuff. any ideas on size or availability. We had lots of that stuff as surplus after the war when I was a kid.