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I want to make 2 wireless bluetooth microphone&speaker with recording, which are connected each other.. I'm in trouble Answered

I'm design student in Korea, I want to make one device for my graduation project. but I have
not many experience from this works, just few project with processing, and arduino.
my idea is this, but I don't know what should I start from what. can you please please give me some advice 
or some reference to reality this project? 



Best Answer 3 years ago

As an engineering student we can give you assistance now.

But What Will You Do ? ..... When you are out of school and

your adult job needs a design that you don't know how ?

An engineer studies; previous designs, manufacturers design guidelines, application litterateur, Yes ! asking questions and begins to formulate a first design weather it is a system or circuit.

Assuming you are not a lazy student, you should look into audio recorder ICs and you already know about bluetooth and arduino programing.

Start a one way unit understanding that you replicate it for your full concept.

Then there is always the new audio memory string that you

tie between paper cups :)

Thank you for your help !! I'm really happy about that :) actually I was searching some voice record/play back Ics , but I have a question that is it possible to seperate the record one (microphone) and playback(speaker) wireless. I mean, is there any speaker that can be wirelessly connect to record Ics?

second, my intention to record one, is it should not be just one way around, but the record file should be accumulated. so If I want to hear it back, it should be play back from first to end, accumulated file that recorded different sequence.

Again, thank you for your comment :D

Why do you need Bluetooth ? You need speech recorder chip like the ISD Chipcorder

thank you for your responce !!! :D sorry for my unknownness&stupidness, but Is it possible that ISD Chipcorder that record sound can save the many sounds ? the one sequence doesnt it should be more than 60sec, but I want it can save many short records, so when I play back, wantto hear every sequence from first to end. do you think it need some kind of memory card should be connected to ISD Chipcorder???

look up the Nuvoton chipcorder. By looking at the specifications, you can make a good choice. You will learn better if you make your own choices. Just because we are old doesn't make us right.

Blue tooth is only good for 60 feet or so (20 mtr) so perhaps not the best idea for you. As steve says some kind of audio recorder. Although this isn't really much of a development as I could easily record a message here at my PC onto a memory stick and send it to my children. Or even use the telephone!

Thank you for your reply!! I think blue tooth is doesnt metter, becuase my device should be on exhibition place, just wirelessly seperate, not far from each other.

I'm not sure that is it should be send message system, using network.. it will be easy if I use two computer for each device to send message to each other,, but it should be other way may be????? more light way ???

thank you for your help again:D