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I want to make a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers communicator. Need your help? Answered

I'll be incredibly indebted to you if you help me. I know very little about electronics. I want the communicator to somewhat resemble the original. I want to the flash colors when i press and button, and i wanna program it to play a sound when i press another button. Can someone please help me?


well the link didn't post for some reason. Just look up Mighty Morphin Power Ranger communicator. It looks like a watch

Here is the link to how i want it to look. I wanted to customize the faceplate. Basically I want to know how i can make the leds blink when i press a button and how to assemble it. How to make the frame How to make it so it plays a sound when i press another button. Thanks guys for all your help

Can I suggest you find an image of what you want to make to give everyone a better idea? As I said before sound is very tricky, what kind of sound do you want, just a random tone or a specific piece of music, (such as an MP3). All of this varies what you need to know.

Can someone teach me how to do this?

thats not what im talking abt