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I want to make a R2D2 for Halloween Answered

I've decided i want to make a R2D2 for Halloween. I'm pretty sure i can make most of it from scrape metal but i don't know where i can find something that's like the head on R2D2. I need a metal sphere that i can cut in half, any ideas?


use an old globe

If you are looking for costume size perhaps and old kettle type grill top will work.... that is if you can find one that someone is willing to part with.


8 years ago

Good suggestion, but if it's stainless steel you'll have a job cutting it. try and find a suitable sized object and cover it in papermashy (excuse spelling) to a reasonable thickness. Allow to dry out and remove from mould, cut out profile and smooth over with sanding paper and finally spray over with silver paint spray. With care could look quite good... Regards.

What about using a large metal mixing bowl? The kind they use in large kitchens?