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I want to make a RC plane,, can any 1 tell me what sort of circuit i would use in this?? Answered




7 years ago

ju3st buy a cheap rc car and us3e the circuit in it

Pls help me .in my school i want to show a motor flying to my friend with or without wire but i dont have any idea on how to do so pls help me

know he can't he must have a long range radio set that is above 45mhz up to several ghz.

he can amplify it with cheapy comps rather than buying expensive emitter and receiver

I got a rc plane kit from my dads friend since he blew a servo. I blew the reciver and was looking for a replacement. I found a website that sells the recivers realy cheap for brushed engines. I didn't buy one from their because he had a spair part.

This is the one that I had. (does not come with batterys servos transmitter and I don't know if it comes with crystals).

Depending on where you live there may be special frequencies set by law for flying aircraft so find out befor investing in the RC car approach. Actually for a first it is far better to buy an almost ready to fly (ARTF) airocraft. perhaps for a birthday present - get everyone to contribute.

You need somewhere to fly

and most important you need someone to sow you how at fist - It isn't as easy as you think it will be.

a lot happens very quickly and it's easy to end up with a kit of MANY parts!!!

Good fun though.

You need a radio transmitter and receiver. It is not at all practical to DIY them anymore. Depending on what country you live in it may even be illegal to build the transmitter.  The tramsmitter has to be tuned very precisely or it will create disturbances to other receivers and won't have any range.  The receiver has to be tuned very precisely or it won't be reliable.  All of this takes some very expensive test gear.

What you need is this.

To build a set similar to this yo might spend 500-1000 and still not have a working set.