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I want to make a awesome lookin shirt (white and pink) and i really can use some ideas on th design? Answered


How about put "I'm color blind" at the front of the shirt.

Get a pink shirt and iron on "IT'S LIGHT RED!" on the front (in white letters).

Can't you just buy one from Rooster Teeth? I'm partial to CHUPATHINGY myself.

With a name like deathkid we would definitly need more info in order to help.
As rickharris correctly said (he,s an engineer I believe so very structured and yet creative) you need to list all the requirements that you want to fulfill in particular the occasion it's for, followed by do you have the material already or is the occasion dictating the colour? These steps would help with the style ie. T shirt or formal or sport, character in a play,wedding, etc. A lot of variables. I have been sewing and making costumes for years and would be happy to help. Bye.

What "awesome" means is something only you can decide. I'd suggest tie-dye or batik or something similar, but...

Style, material Budget Likes dislikes?? Skill set and equipment available - Lots of variables.