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I want to make a band! can i have some tips? Answered

First of all all of my friends want to but they dont know how to play the instruments they want. and i dont need anything because i sing? i dont know what to tell them now because i dont think itll work anymore?(is metal that we play)


just learn to cover some easy songs, like the ramones. its hard to get metal music to sound good with others new to their instruments. also set a weekly practice time, otherwise its hard to organize band practices short notice


6 years ago

You play metal huh? well, metal is one of the hardest types of music to play and sound good. i would advise you to do about a dozen cover songs first, starting with simple rock tunes and then building up progressively to heavier and more complex tunes. Listen to alot of classical music, because, oddly enough, it has more in common with metal than most other kinds of music. When you finally do start original material, keep it simple. nothing sounds worse than over complex metal. If your singer is good and your musicians mediocre, simply turn down their amps and have the vocal take the forefront of the song, it will still sound great, and when the musicians learn the song better you can balance the audio.

note- i play no instruments, cant read music, cant sing, and know nothing about tones, octaves, chords, or pitch. all my knowledge comes from listening to music.


6 years ago

if your friends have something to play like a guitar they can figure out how to play its easy if you just start playing with the guitar and drums .i dont belive in music class you can learn by your self just have confedence in them

ps i am not a girl

If they aren't willing to make the effort to learn to play -- and you aren't willing to make the effort to learn to sing well/better, not just to sing -- you don't have a band with them; you have a wish. Wishes don't make music.

In that case your only options are to find other folks who _are_ interested (and who think you're good enough that they want you in _their_ band), or to develop some instrumental skill and try to do something solo, or to keep making that effort to develop your own skills until you do find people who are serious about forming a band with you.

Or punt the whole idea for a while and try again in a few years if you're still interested.

Actully we all are are practicing ! I am learning to sing better! And I asked for tips people!

The only tip we can give you is "practice". Beyond that, it depends on what YOU want to sound like.

Sorry, you've missed the boat.  Back in the 'seventies you may have had a chance with a punk band.  (Those were the daze . . . #;¬)

If you ain't got that shwang, y'aint gonna play no thang.

Or said another way, if you can't play any instruments, you're kinda barking up the wrong tree.

Well, they _could_ become an a cappella group. That isn't any easier to do well, and doesn't reduce the needed rehearsal time, but it doesn't require instruments.

Or you could just go sing carryoutski. [sic]


6 years ago

These boys didn't know anything either !
Is life too Easy  for you..
Can you write verse ??  ............  No.  You have to TRY !

Start learning to play and go from there - Practice practice practice.